5QQ with Tarla Lambert – 2021 She Leads Conference

1 July 2021

The She Leads Conference is back! This time it’s being held at Kambri at the ANU on Friday 23 July.  The She Lead Conference is our biggest leadership event of the year, providing emerging and established women and non-binary leaders with the opportunity to develop their practical skills, knowledge and networks to accelerate their leadership journey. This year’s Conference theme is POWER! What it’s like to have it, own it, and challenge it.  

In celebration of the upcoming event, we sat down with the Panel Facilitator of our Standing in the way of control: letting go of things outside of your control for better outcomes Tarla Lambert, to talk with her about leadership, women in construction and what makes her feel POWERFUL!   

Tarla is the editor in chief of Women’s Agenda, Australia’s leading, online Independent news site for women. She’s also co-owner of its parent company, Agenda Media home to Women’s Health News, The Weekly Wraps (agriculture, business, STEM & sport), Women’s Agenda Extra and affiliated podcast network. She’s a politics junkie and a fierce advocate for equality as well as a public commentator appearing regularly on ABC News, Sky and at various events championing women’s equality. 

Describe yourself in 30 words or less. 

I’m a 30 year old fledgling media entrepreneur, feminist and mum of toddler, Teddy. I would say I’m outgoing, opinionated, progressive, determined, and a bit of a clown. 

Tell us about a moment in your life that kick started your leadership journey. 

When I started working at Private Media when I was 25 (the launch publisher of Women’s Agenda) I knew that it was a platform that would meaningfully change my perspective and ultimately my career. I felt strongly that I needed to be involved in its evolution and I could clearly see the impact such a media outlet could have on a country like Australia, which has much of its media monopolised, lacks diversity and independence. When my business partner Angela Priestley acquired the publication in 2016 and asked me to join as partner, it was a no brainer. That single moment, shifted my career and leadership trajectory for good and it made me realise that my prevailing purpose would be to agitate change and push for gender equality through my writing and advocacy as well as providing a platform for all women in Australia to connect and stay informed about the issues that matter to them. 

What questions are you tired of hearing about gender equality? 

Should we implement quotas? Won’t our kids suffer if women have careers? 

What is something you do that makes you feel powerful? 

I feel powerful when I’m working collaboratively with my team on a special feature or project, or just reporting on an important story. We know that if we do it justice, and cover things with the right angle we can have significant cut-through. Knowing that more and more women in Australia rely on Women’s Agenda for their daily news is an empowering responsibility (albeit a challenging and stressful one!) 

Imagine yourself in fifteen years. What leadership advice would your older self give to you right now? 

Just to try to stop sweating the small stuff and learn to breathe more easily. Eat breakfast! Go for a walk! Yes, you’re busy, and you have a responsibility but you’re also human and fallible. That’s really okay. 

Our She Leads Conference is SOLD OUT! If you would like to hear more from Tarla, get in touch with us by emailing sheleads@ywca-canberra.org.au to be added to our waitlist.   

Scholarships are still available. Check out our event page for more information and to apply.  

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