Our Board Committees

We encourage diversity in our membership and support members to become involved in the governance of the organisation through the Board of Directors and our Board Committees. We are committed to 30 per cent of Board and Committee positions being filled by young women aged 30 or under.

Our Board Committees inform our strategies in the following areas:

  • Finance Committee:
    The Finance Committee is responsible for overseeing all financial matters for YWCA Canberra and provides recommendations to the Board of Directors in relation to the management of financial management of the organisation.
  • Human Resources Committee:
    The Human Resources Committee reviews and advises the Board on Industrial Relations and other external issues that may impact on staff and human resources.
  • Membership Committee:
    The Membership Committee develops and reviews YWCA Canberra’s membership strategy, including promoting and supporting ongoing membership recruitment, membership activities, and strategic priorities.
  • Nominations Committee:
    The Nominations Committee advises and assists the Board during the nomination and selection processes for incoming Board members.