Our Board Traineeships

YWCA Canberra’s Board Traineeship Program, which began in 2002, is an integral part of our commitment to building leadership pathways for young women, including female-identifying and non-binary people. The program provides our members with the opportunity to actively participate on our Board, without the financial or legal responsibilities of being directors.

The Program is underpinned by our commitment to quotas, with 30 per cent of our board positions being held by young women age 30 years or under. This ensures that we maintain a culture of diversity on our board, and foster an intergenerational dialogue that guides the work we do.

As well as increasing the knowledge and experience of participants, the Board Traineeship Program has tangible outcomes, with many of the trainees going on to be elected as a Board Directors at our Annual General Meetings. The Board Traineeship Program is a valuable professional development opportunity, and an innovative approach to fostering the next generation of women leaders.

Applications for the Board Traineeship Program open in September each year, and you must be a YWCA Canberra member to apply. To receive updates on when the applications are open, subscribe to the YWCA Canberra Newsletter (right) and the She Leads Newsletter. Alternatively, you may also contact our office on 02 6185 2000 or email canberra@ywca-canberra.org.au for further information.

Current & Previous Board Trainees

  • Jazmeen Payne
  • Camille Schloeffel
  • Josephine Janssen
  • Elsie Adamo

  • Kayannie Denigan
  • Jane Choi
  • Cherise Halloran
  • Vivian Chan

  • Amy Smith
  • Julia Faragher
  • Rose Khattar
  • Alison Sham

  • Lisa Cantlon
  • Isabel Mudford
  • Ashleigh Streeter
  • Tahlia-Rose Vanissum

  • Caitlin Sandercock
  • Hannah Bathula
  • Verena Stocker
  • Heidi Zajac

  • Jac Torres Gomez
  • Heather McAulay
  • Steph Neulinger
  • Laura Pound

  • Rachel Atkinson,
  • Samara Rahman,
  • Courtney Sloane
  • Andrea Toka

  • Ruth Pitt
  • Eva Logan
  • Melinda Mitchell
  • Julie McKay

  • Alison Bulbeck
  • Aisha Yunusa

  • Tess Winslade
  • Yvonne Solly
  • Vanessa Dal Molin
  • Liz McAllister

  • Jude Burger
  • Jeanette McHugh
  • Colleen Mate
  • Elizabeth Chyla

  • Carole Bowden
  • Alison McDonald
  • Sammi Ho
  • Rebecca Bernard

  • Kylie Mannion
  • Kathryn Grimes
  • Caitlin Maclleod
  • Rachel Ambrose

  • Olivia Sainsbury
  • Larissa Hinds
  • Amanda Uhlman