Our members

Be a part of the world’s largest women’s organisation

To be a member of YWCA Canberra is to be part of a dynamic organisation that empowers women, girls, and communities. We are at the forefront in responding to the needs of women through our community work and programs in children’s services, youth services, family services, health and wellbeing, housing support, community development, education and training, and leadership and advocacy.

A national and international network of women

As an international organisation, YWCA membership connects you to a community of women that steps beyond the boundaries of Canberra and links into a national and international community of women. We link you with 25 million women and girls, across 125 countries throughout the world!

Your membership is important to us

Members are central to the way we work. Through our members we aim to create a community of people who share common values of equality and social justice. By combining the talents and good will of our members with the values of YWCA Canberra, there is great potential in what can be achieved.

To learn more about our wonderful members, visit our blog.