Our Strategic Directions and Priorities

Our strategic directions

Women, young women and girls are influencing, leading and deciding

Women, young women and girls are leaders in their communities, and participate in decision-making processes on a local, national and international level.

Women are secure, independent and are participating economically

Women are safe both in their homes and the broader community, and are able to participate freely and fully in the workforce to lead valued and economically independent lives.

Women and their families have access to the conditions and resources they need to lead healthy lives

Women and their families are able to access safe and affordable housing, education, therapeutic services and affordable childcare.

Communities are safe, inclusive and connected

All members of our community live lives free from violence, whether it is physical or emotional, and are connected to vibrant, well-resourced and professional support networks.

Children and young people have the skills and attributes to create a better future

Children and young people are supported to develop their skills and knowledge, and are able to contribute positively to their communities.

YWCA Canberra is a leading, ethical and sustainable organisation

YWCA Canberra continues to promote and enact ethical and sustainable practices in all areas of its work, and leads the way for the community sector in best practice and strengths-based approaches. We will continue to partner with and support the national and world YWCA movements.

Our Strategic Priorities 2015-18

Strategic Priority 1:

Investment management
Leverage our investments to ensure the sustainability of the organisation

  • Implement. Monitor and report on the Strategic Investment Policy
  • Resolve opportunities for expansion of affordable housing properties
  • Maintenance of property assets

Strategic Priority 2:

Be an employer of choice
Invest in the organisation’s most important assets – its people

  • Build our reputation as an employer of choice for women
  • Create easy-to-use resources and processes that support best practice people management
  • Use data to inform key human capital decisions and processes
  • Develop a proactive work health safety culture
  • Organisational succession planning

Strategic Priority 3:

Corporate infrastructure

Invest in the organisation’s corporate infrastructure to ensure best practice governance, management, quality service delivery and continuous improvement.

  • Make significant improvements to the organisation’s ICT infrastructure, processes and procedures
  • Planned maintenance and investment program for childcare facilities
  • Ensure all external and internal communications are conducted in line with the 12-month strategic communication plan
  • Ensure robust and accountable governance structures are in place
  • Implement business and human resource management software to support efficient and robust business systems

Strategic Priority 4:

High quality service delivery

Identify opportunities for growth and innovation in our community services, children’s services and training and education services.

  • Continued investment in measurement and evaluation culture
  • External quality frameworks compliance maintained
  • Implementation of an accredited risk management system
  • Raise our advocacy, policy and research profile
  • Deploy cloud-based Attache accounting and payroll systems

Strategic Priority 5:

Diversify income streams

  • Develop independent income streams to enhance our role as a leading not-for-profit organisation
  • Grow and strengthen our membership and donor base
  • Enhance our success rate with large grant and tender applications from both government and philanthropic sources
  • Raise our profile as a sustainable, innovative, leading NFP in Canberra
  • Registered Training Organisation services expanded to other YWCA’s in Australia


YWCA Canberra Strategic Directions





YWCA Canberra Strategic Priorities