YWCA Canberra Strategic Plan 2018-23

Our strategic directions 


Girls and women thriving.


We strengthen communities by supporting girls and women through our services and advocacy.


Our values reflect our commitment to the YWCA global movement.


We are dauntless, innovative and resilient as we transform power structures. As a proudly feminist organisation, we challenge the status quo to benefit everyone.


We value equality of opportunity, outcomes and rights. We work with communities to achieve social, cultural, economic and political participation.


We engage with fairness and professionalism in our organisation, with our members and communities. We believe that respectful relationships are fundamental to achieving positive social change.


We embrace the diversity of our communities and respect differences in gender and gender expression, culture, race, religion, age, sexuality, abilities, political beliefs, socioeconomic status and lifestyles.


We support the self-determination and agency of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander girls and women and proactively work with communities to achieve reconciliation.


We are open, accountable and manage resources and risks to ensure the sustainability of the organisation. We are forward thinking and value innovation so that our work results in positive outcomes for the communities that we support.

Strategic Priorities

  1. We support children, young people, women and the community through our services.
  2. We build capacity and connect girls and women through our training, leadership programs and networking events.
  3. We create change by engaging with diverse and at-risk groups and provide leadership through our partnerships, community engagement and advocacy informed by evidence-based policy and research.
  4. We foster a movement of girls and women through our members and connection with the national and international YWCA organisations.
  5. We ensure sustainable, transparent and accountable practices through our innovation, strong governance, management, service delivery and partnerships.