National Merger Project

Want to know more about the National Merger Project?

The first YWCA in Australia was established in 1872. The time has therefore come to reflect on our shared direction, and to ensure that our movement remains sustainable well into the 21st century.

YWCAs across Australia are currently embarking on a comprehensive process of review through the National Merger Project, which seeks to answer the question, ‘How can the YWCA better achieve gender equality?’

There are ten YWCA member associations in Australia which operate independently within a federated structure, united by our national association YWCA Australia and the global YWCA movement.

The National Merger Project is considering new models to ensure that YWCAs in Australia are operating as effectively as possible to achieve gender equality, particularly in the current context of significant change in the not-for-profit sector. As the President of YWCA Australia Nicole Swaine noted, “It is clear that we are at the precipice of a significant change for the YWCAs in Australia.”

A Statement of Intent has now been signed by representatives of all Member Associations, which confirms our commitment to formally pursuing the possibility of a merger. YWCA Australia is fortunate to have partnered with global management consulting firm McKinsey, who are generously providing pro-bono project and change management advice and support.

YWCA Canberra is also fortunate to be in a very positive position, being financially sustainable thanks to our high-quality programs and strong, engaged membership base. The National Merger Project is an exciting opportunity for us to work more closely with other YWCAs across Australia, and we anticipate that it will lead to a stronger collective impact from the YWCA movement in Australia.

We will keep YWCA Canberra members up to date on the National Merger Project, and look forward to sharing updates on this exciting endeavour. Regular updates will be posted online here, and we will also be sharing other ways for our membership to get engaged in the coming months.

This PowerPoint presentation details the case for change for the YWCA movement, and the process that will unfold from here. Download it below:

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