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Ask Muriel: Starting a policy and advocacy career 2 November 2021

Keanneelyse on Instagram asked: “Where do you start if you want to change your career into policy/advocacy?” Thanks for your question! Advocacy and non-government policy work can be truly rewarding. It gives you the opportunity to blend skills in writing, researching and critical thinking alongside your values. The work is constantly evolving and responding to different […]

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Advocacy 101: How to make sure your advocacy is intersectional of different voices 2 November 2021

We’ve all heard the advice to ‘look around the table and see who is not present’. It’s a question that asks us to reflect on how representative we are of diverse experiences, and challenges potential unconscious bias. While this is good advice and should be something we actively reflect on, it can take a little […]

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Advocate spotlight: Kimberlé Crenshaw 2 November 2021

Although the term ‘intersectional’ is now a common part of our feminist vocabulary, it was only coined by Kimberlé Crenshaw in 1989 in a landmark study on gender and race-based discrimination. An American lawyer, civil rights advocate, philosopher and scholar, Crenshaw cites her inspiration for her work in intersectionality as the chance discovery during her […]

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What the suffrage movement can teach us about intersectionality today 2 November 2021

Recent years have seen some popular reflections on the path to women’s enfranchisement. The centenary of women winning the right to vote in America (1920) and Britain (1928) were celebrated. Films like Suffragette allowed us to appreciate the movement’s composition and, in doing so, forced us to acknowledge its shortfalls and be mindful of them […]

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Image of diverse women. Above them is a flag with the words 'Action MATTERS'.

Action MATTERS October 2021: Editor’s note 2 November 2021

Welcome to the first edition of Action MATTERS. You asked and we’ve delivered. We know that many in our community are drawn to our movement because it offers a collective approach to feminism and the opportunity to be part of change for the better. And we know that for many, advocacy isn’t just something you […]

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