Survey of Canberra Women

2019 marks YWCA Canberra’s 90th year of providing quality and essential services to Canberra women and families. This important milestone is also an opportunity to reflect on the lives and future of Canberra women and gender diverse persons.

As part of our Anniversary YWCA Canberra is undertaking an anonymous survey of Canberra women, women identifying and non-binary persons aged 18 years and over.

This survey will collect demographic data and gauge the lived experiences of women in Canberra. It includes questions relating to work, economic security, housing, personal safety, hopes and fears and recreational activity.

The information collected will be used to develop a comprehensive snapshot of Canberra women, to help guide our advocacy work, and be published as part of our 90th Anniversary.

We’re keen for as many people as possible to contribute to this survey. You are welcome to share this survey with your networks, as we want to hear from as many Canberra women and gender diverse persons as possible!

To take part in the survey, follow the web link here:

The survey should take 8-10 minutes to complete, depending on your responses and is anonymous.

We appreciate your input into this important initiative.


PRIVACY: All information collected will be de-identified in any reports or publications. You have the right to gain access to your information at anytime by contacting . YWCA Canberra will collect the following information: your responses to survey questions; your IP address; the date and time you took the survey; any contact details you may wish to provide, such as your email address. YWCA Canberra is conducting this survey using Survey Monkey, which means the information collected in this survey will be transferred outside of Australia and store securely on SurveyMonkey’s servers. You can find out about how SurveyMonkey handles and stores your survey responses at The YWCA Canberra Privacy Policy can be found at any further clarification or questions regarding your privacy please contact our Privacy Officer on 6185 2000 or