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15 March 2016

YWCA Canberra’s Great Ydeas Small Grants provide funds to local women and girls to pursue a professional development opportunity, pilot a project, kick-start a business idea, or address a need in the community. This year, YWCA Canberra has partnered with the Australian Catholic Superannuation & Retirement Fund to provide the first ever Australian Catholic Superannuation Great Ydeas Enrichment Grant. The Enrichment Grant is available to help a young woman (aged 12-25) reach her potential through personal development. For Australians from all walks of life, Australian Catholic Superannuation is committed to promoting financial literacy and supporting young people.

To find out more about Australian Catholic Super’s interest in helping young people in our community, we sat down for chat with them.

What drew Australian Catholic Superannuation & Retirement Fund to partner with YWCA Canberra on Great Ydeas?

We care about the development of young women and are interested in both their financial and general wellbeing. The Great Ydeas grants encourage innovation and provide a platform from which young women can evolve in a manner that is aligned with our values, so partnering seemed like a natural fit.

Your grant has a focus on innovation – how does this link with Australian Catholic Superannuation’s priorities or focus areas?

Our fund is run to benefit members. We see innovative thinking as vital to overcoming challenges and better meeting the needs of members. We’d like to provide the opportunity for the recipient of this grant to experience the benefits of rising to their own challenge.

Australian Catholic Superannuation has a great history of supporting local communities – why is this important to you?

Supporting local communities allows us to connect with people and empower them to take control of their financial futures. This grant is important to our fund because it allows us to engage with the local Canberra community and to bear witness to the development of the recipient as well as the impact of their work.

What sorts of projects would you most like to see funded through the Australian Catholic Superannuation Great Ydeas Enrichment Grant?

Projects that empower the recipient, entrusting them with their own growth and development, whilst challenging existing norms in a respectful manner.

Applications for the 2016 Great Ydeas Small Grants, including the Australian Catholic Superannuation Great Ydeas Enrichment Grant, close Friday 25 March. Visit our website to apply.

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