National Reconciliation Week: Celebrating inspiring Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women in the ACT
28 May 2020

It’s National Reconciliation Week! A time to reflect on the progress made for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and to celebrate the movement towards a more equal, just, and united future. This year for National Reconciliation Week, we wanted to highlight the stories of inspiring Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women who have made […]

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Finding silver linings Next Door
15 May 2020

With all the negative stories in our news and social media feeds, it can be hard to find positives in our current situation. But here at YWCA Canberra, changes to our work brought on by COVID-19 have helped us help even more local women. Our Next Door program helps women age 50 and over to […]

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Celebrating one year of Rentwell

One year of renting well
12 May 2020

Last week we marked the first anniversary of Rentwell, our charitable property management service for affordable rentals. One year in, Rentwell has already improved the lives of 22 families; that is 49 people who now have quality, safe and affordable homes. And we’ve just had another three homes signed up to the program. We also: […]

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Learning resources for kids and parents in self-isolation graphics

Learning resources for kids and parents in self-isolation
24 April 2020

For many children, starting a new school term can bring lots of excitement and maybe a few nerves. This coupled with the recent events unfolding around COVID-19 and the closure of schools has left many parents questioning whether to send their children back to school or not. As we prepare for further announcements by the government, it’s important to keep children motivated and learning even through these times of uncertainty. To […]

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Daily rituals LGBTIQA+ images graphics

Tips for LGBTQIA* teens
23 April 2020

Things are rough right now. You’re out of school, away from friends and your support networks. This can be particularly tough when you’re gender or sexuality diverse and maybe in isolation with people who aren’t as supportive as your peer networks. It’s important at times like this to remember that there are supports out there. […]

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graphics of people doing exercises

Self-isolation workout ideas
22 April 2020

As we all try our best to adjust to these difficult times, it’s no doubt that many of us have had to make big changes to our everyday lives and lifestyle habits. With gyms and centres closed, it’s clear to say that another thing being impacted during this pandemic is our exercise regimes and physical […]

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Women’s economic participation and the importance of Early Education after COVID-19
17 April 2020

COVID-19 has created unprecedented social and economic change. The broadscale closure of recreational activities and entertainment venues due to mandated social distancing regulations have transformed our social and economic lives to mere online operations. Some are fortunate enough to have retained their jobs and are working from home; many others no longer have a job, […]

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Hope through housing
17 April 2020

We have been providing housing support to women and the broader Canberra community for more than 60 years. In this current time of crisis, our services have been under even more demand. We have rapidly adapted, moving to telephone and video appointments where appropriate, and are actively looking for more affordable emergency and transitional accommodation, […]

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How YWCAs around the world are responding to COVID-19
15 April 2020

We are proud to be part of the worldwide network of YWCAs. All around the world, YWCAs are helping women and their families through this unprecedented time of crisis. Women, including female-identifying people, and non-binary people are being particularly affected by the social and financial implications of the COVID-19 crisis. Women comprise 70 per cent […]

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Curating a positive social media feed graphics

Curating a positive social media feed
6 April 2020

Social media can be a great resource. It’s a perfect place to share stories, photos, projects, news updates and events. Especially now, with social distancing, social media can help us stay connected with our loved ones. But it can also spread fear and panic during times of crisis and uncertainty. When our feed is full […]

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