She Leads 2015: sharing the love!

14 May 2015

This year YWCA Canberra is pleased to welcome Newcast to the ranks as Live Stream Partner for both the She Leads Conference and She Leads College Conference. Below, Newcast Producer, Grace Flanagan discusses why they are jumping on board to support this important initiative.

When our institutions are built in the image of the communities they serve and represent, they better reflect the needs and values of that population.

It is crucial to our progression as a society that women are encouraged into leadership positions, in our businesses, our communities and in our governments.

Particularly in businesses, proportional representation has potential to overcome the democratic deficit and benefit not only the women in leadership but also the organisation they represent.

The perspective and capabilities demonstrated by women in leadership can be very different to those of their male counterparts. This notion extends also to people of different cultures, races, abilities and other demographics that contribute to our population.

Diversity and opportunity are strengths of Australian society and we should not lose sight of this in our ambition to excel. Too often women are seen as ‘another whinging minority’, but they are not – now representing more than half the Australian population.

Enter the YWCA Canberra. The She Leads and She Leads College Conferences empower and educate women to reach their potential.

The panel discussions and workshops facilitated by some of Australia’s most renowned women leaders focus on enhancing abilities required by women in corporate, government and not-for-profit sectors.

She Leads provides the platform from which women can build their knowledge, skill sets, and conceptions of self needed to challenge and grow themselves and their communities.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all Australian women had the opportunity to attend the She Leads Conference?

If every aspiring and established woman in leadership had access to the forum content, the success of She Leads could manifest 10 fold.

While YWCA Canberra generously offers four attendance scholarships, ideally, the opportunity to learn from the conference should be universally available. This is where Newcast comes in.

While the conferences are enjoyed more with personal experience, and the advantages of networking are undeniable, our role is to preserve the event in its entirety and live-stream it globally.

Making the conference material permanently available online not only enables access for women who are unable to attend, but it allows those privileged with participation to relive the glory and fantasise about the wonder that will be next year’s conference.

Equipping young women to obtain leadership positions grows their potential as individuals and their value to others.

Fostering women’s leadership not only promotes opportunity immediate to those women and their organisations, but subsequently tackles unconscious gender bias and other issues of inequality critical to our development as a society.

Provide the services needed for women to promote themselves into roles they deserve and are needed in, and we enrich and strengthen our communities and our nation.

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