Rita Joyan: Trainer, speaker and dream-job hunter!

10 May 2016

The 2016 She Leads Conference will be held on Tuesday 17 May at QT Canberra, with She Leads masterclasses to be held on Monday 16 May. Tickets and program details are now available at 2016.sheleads.org.au

Describe yourself in 30 words or less. Rita Joyan

Oh dear!  Well, if I was to describe myself in three words, I would say I am first and foremost a trainer, determined and god-conscious.

What has been a significant moment that has transformed your career to date?

Starting my business would have to be the biggest, most significant transformation in my career. If ever you need a real personal development challenge – go start a business. Because everything is put into practice – either you’ve got the capacity for personal development growth, or you haven’t.

What is a book that has influenced your leadership journey?        

Quite a few. ‘The Brain that Changes Itself’, by Norman Doidge, and ‘Purification of the Heart’, written by Hamza Yusuf. Yusuf writes about leadership of the spiritual heart. If you eat a lot of fat you’re going to get hard arteries, but the spiritual heart also gets hardened, and this book explores how to remedy that. In leadership you need to be able to deal with people, and that book has very much helped.

How does having women in leadership transform our community?

Completely! Women literally give birth to communities. And as part of that, leadership begins at home, or the lack of leadership. So whatever is happening inside a house, the condition of the people I believe, is stemmed from what is happening in people’s homes.

How do you be brave/resilient in situations where you feel uncomfortable?

Simply, it really comes down to, when I am uncomfortable (which is pretty much on a daily basis) I breathe, plan it out, and trust in God.

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