Women’s March Canberra: Unbroken

31 January 2018

This Sunday, Women’s March Canberra will be taking over Garema Place to create a human chain as a sign of strength and solidarity for women’s rights – and we want you there!

2017 has been undoubtedly challenging. It has also been a year of strength, defiance and exposure. People around the globe have found inspiration and courage to stand up and speak out against inequality and injustice in unprecedented numbers.

But despite all the advancement for women’s rights, we’re not there yet. And this is why we will stand unbroken.

The Canberra Women’s March will provide an opportunity for our local community to show support for women everywhere. At the March, the Canberra community will demand respect, dignity, and equality.

We believe no woman should have to suffer violation or humiliation in their workplace, community, or home. All women deserve to be safe and to have access to equal opportunities and the same protections as men.

This is why we will stand unbroken.

Kicking off at 10.30am at Garema Place, the event will provide a platform of inclusion and support for minority voices to stand up and be heard.

We will also highlight the threatened closure of Beryl Women’s Shelter, and raise funds for both the shelter and The Alannah and Madeline Foundation to provide women and children living in emergency accommodation support.

The event will feature an intersectional line-up of amazing and compelling speakers and performances:

On the day, there will be a sign-making station that can be accessed for a $2 dollar donation, a Zooper Dooper station, a safety and support area, and more.

This year’s march will also feature a Unity Circle, similar to Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane events, ensuring people with disabilities and children can be included on the day. The purpose of  the Unity Circle is to create a human chain of individuals linking hands through communities all across Canberra.

Our human chain will be a show of strength and solidarity. Our chain will stand as a statement that we are tired of being demeaned, bullied, and violated. Our chain will say NO to the ongoing harassment and violence. Our chain will show that together, we are unbroken.

On Sunday, we encourage all of Canberra to come out and join our movement – bring your friends, families, husbands, children… bring everyone!

And even though we’re a few weeks late to the global Women’s March Party, on Sunday we will stand unbroken as a community and send a message to the world that Times Up.

For further information, please see the event page.

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