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12 December 2018

YWCA Canberra’s housing support work and advocacy were profiled in the most recent edition of Parity, the monthly publication produced by the Council to Homeless Persons. 

This edition of Parity focused on responses to and experiences of homelessness in the ACT and includes contributions by those with lived experience of homelessness as well as government and community sector responses. YWCA Canberra made four submissions to this edition, which included two client written pieces, a submission from a YWCA Canberra case-manager who outlined the unique experiences of migrant women and an article detailing the making of the Hidden Women mini-documentary.

One client submission focused on the experiences of older women who fall into homelessness following significant life events such as job loss or relationship breakdowns. This personal contribution also detailed the stress of refuge accommodation and the stability provided to her through tenancy at one of our group homes. Parity also published a creative piece by one of our transitional housing clients who chronicled her early life and experiences with domestic abuse and eventual homelessness against the backdrop of her gender transition and pathway to self-acceptance.

The edition was formally launched on 4 December at ANU, where CEO Frances Crimmins was invited to address the audience about YWCA Canberra’s unique role in both housing service delivery and advocacy.

This article forms part of YWCA Canberra’s advocacy publication, YAction.

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YAction shines a light on the advocacy of YWCA Canberra, like-minded organisations and the issues that are important to our community.  
This publication is about bringing the voices, initiatives and efforts of activists and organisations to the fore – we hope that by doing this we will increase awareness of critical issues and present opportunities for collaboration that our members, friends and supporters can get involved in. Ultimately, we hope to strengthen a movement that works together to achieve gender equality in the ACT, as we believe that this will take a society-wide effort. 

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