Be part of the Story: Our Canberra Women’s Survey

15 August 2019

The stories of women are an important gauge of a community’s wellbeing. While Canberra is an affluent city on the surface, real and often unseen hardship exists. Women’s economic independence, capacity for recreation and their hopes and fears tell a valuable story about the wellbeing of our city and community.

To mark our 90th anniversary and to celebrate the lives of Canberra women and our decades of work in the community, YWCA Canberra launched a survey to capture the stories and experiences of women and gender diverse people who live in Canberra. This survey collected demographic data and lived experiences, economic independence and recreational activities of women in Canberra. It included questions relating to work, economic security, housing, personal safety, hopes and fears and recreational activity.

Through our community services, children’s services and advocacy projects, our work reaches far into the community across cohorts. These are the stories we hope to capture through our survey. When the survey closed on Friday 9 August, we had received almost 1100 response. We were overwhelmed not only with the number of responses but with the candidness with which some respondents shared their lives and experiences. 

The information collected will be used to develop a comprehensive snapshot of Canberra women, to help guide our advocacy work, and be published as part of our 90th Anniversary. Drawing upon both publicly available statistical data on Canberra and the information collected as part of our survey project, we hope to create a visual snapshot of what lies behind some of the common statistics.

This article forms part of YWCA Canberra’s advocacy publication, YAction.

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