Blog: LGBTIQA+ & Allies Prom

Meet Philippa Moss, ahead of the 2017 LGBTQIA+ & Allies Prom
11 October 2017

The LGBTQIA+ & Allies Prom is an opportunity for young people to experience a formal style event and express their identity in a safe, supportive, and non-judgmental environment. Now in its second year, we’ve partnered with a number of local community organisations to make it bigger, better and more accessible. We spoke with Philippa Moss, […]

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A night to remember at the LGBTIQA+ Allies Prom!
3 November 2016

Maintaining mental health is challenge that many people face on a daily basis. Young people aged 12-25 years who identify as sexuality and gender diverse are five times more likely to attempt suicide, almost twice as likely to engage in self-harm, and twice as likely to have symptoms of a mental health disorder. In order to address some of these […]

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