Blog: Phillipa Moss

Philippa Moss on gender-based violence prevention
1 December 2017

To coincide with 16 Days of Activism and World AIDS Day, Philippa Moss, Executive Director of AIDS Action Council ACT, contributed the following blog post. It outlines the ways in which violence impacts not only women and men, but also non-binary and gender diverse people, and discusses preventative actions that we can all take today. […]

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Meet Philippa Moss, ahead of the 2017 LGBTQIA+ & Allies Prom
11 October 2017

The LGBTQIA+ & Allies Prom is an opportunity for young people to experience a formal style event and express their identity in a safe, supportive, and non-judgmental environment. Now in its second year, we’ve partnered with a number of local community organisations to make it bigger, better and more accessible. We spoke with Philippa Moss, […]

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