Blog: Vanessa Vanderhoek

Negotiating, communicating, and gaining back your power with Vanessa Vanderhoek
7 November 2017

On Tuesday 31 October, we hosted 16 Canberra women for a She Leads Workshop on Negotiation Skills, facilitated by professional mentor and coach, Vanessa Vanderhoek. The workshop helped attendees to identify some of the common mistakes that are made during a negotiation, and taught a number of specialist skills to complement their existing personalities and […]

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Master your negotiation skills with Vanessa Vanderhoek
26 October 2017

In this interview, we talk with Vanessa Vanderhoek, the She Leads Workshop facilitator for Negotiation Skills, to learn key aspects of mastering the art of negotiation, and discover what other practical advice we can expect to learn on the night.   Vanessa Vanderhoek is the founder of Flexible Working Day, a Founding Director of Career […]

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