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Exceptional support from a Canberra Icon
15 June 2020

We have been overwhelmed by the incredible generosity of local organisations in helping us deliver emergency relief to those in need during the COVID-19 crisis. One of these amazing organisations is Icon Water, which has chipped in $15,000 so that we can provide affordable, safe and supportive accommodation for women and their children. We spoke […]

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Celebrating one year of Rentwell

One year of renting well
12 May 2020

Last week we marked the first anniversary of Rentwell, our charitable property management service for affordable rentals. One year in, Rentwell has already improved the lives of 22 families; that is 49 people who now have quality, safe and affordable homes. And we’ve just had another three homes signed up to the program. We also: […]

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Daily rituals LGBTIQA+ images graphics

Tips for LGBTQIA* teens
23 April 2020

Things are rough right now. You’re out of school, away from friends and your support networks. This can be particularly tough when you’re gender or sexuality diverse and maybe in isolation with people who aren’t as supportive as your peer networks. It’s important at times like this to remember that there are supports out there. […]

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How YWCAs around the world are responding to COVID-19
15 April 2020

We are proud to be part of the worldwide network of YWCAs. All around the world, YWCAs are helping women and their families through this unprecedented time of crisis. Women and non-binary people are being particularly affected by the social and financial implications of the COVID-19 crisis. Women comprise 70 per cent of the global […]

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How to help kids manage anxiety or distress
2 April 2020

No matter how much we might try to shield children from bad things happening in the world, they usually know something is wrong, even if they don’t understand what. This, combined with massive routine changes because of schools going pupil free, can lead to anxiety or distress in children. This distress can manifest in different […]

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Graphics of two friends social distancing

Maintaining friendships in a time of social distancing
26 March 2020

As we each play our part to reduce the spread of COVID-19 through social distancing, it’s normal to experience waves of loneliness and anxiety. With new restrictions put into place every day, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to practice the things we love, around the people we love. But who said self-isolation had to be boring? Thanks to the power of technology, and a […]

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Ideas to promote social engagement while social distancing: check in on a friend; lend a helping hand to the elderly or disadvantaged; donate excess goods; create a community; offer your support.

Social engagement while social distancing
20 March 2020

With the spread of COVID-19, we’re all suddenly becoming aware of the concept of social distancing (and if you’re still unclear why it’s so important, this clip from Scrubs might help). But for many of us, we’re torn between staying away from people to reduce risks and wanting to help others in our community. Thankfully, […]

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Clubhouse RE@CH Media Festival
21 February 2020

YWCA Canberra Clubhouse is part of a global network of more than 100 Clubhouses in 20 countries. One of the many initiatives they host is the Global Clubhouse RE@CH Media Festival. The Global RE@CH Media Festival (Revolutionizing Expression @ The Clubhouse) is the signature platform for Clubhouse member media. The Festival encourages youth from around […]

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The model minority and the price of speaking out
5 December 2019

She Leads In-Conversation events provide Canberrans with the opportunity to hear from women leaders from different backgrounds and industries, in a conversational format, followed by a live Q&A session and networking. Advocacy has long been a means used to directly influence contentious Australian public policy. As a result of advocates, there have been some significant […]

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Ending homelessness in the ACT
29 July 2019

Last week YWCA Canberra’s CEO, Frances Crimmins participated in the TEDxCanberra Salon event, “No Place Like Home”. The event focused on why the ‘home’ is integral to human security, a functioning society, and overall health and well-being. It also explored what the concept of home means to different people from different walks of life. The […]

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