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Can’t stop, won’t stop: She Leads High Conference 2020
4 November 2020

On Friday, 30 October, 100 girls, including female-identifying and non-binary people in years nine and ten from high schools across Canberra came together to attend the 2020 She Leads High Conference. Held at the Kambri Cultural Centre at the Australian National University, the conference theme was Unstoppable, where students learned to find their voices and lead with […]

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She Leads Wrap Up: Tips and Tricks for Navigating Difficult Conversations
28 September 2020

Whether you’re preparing for an upcoming job interview, negotiating a new salary, or giving feedback to a fellow team member, navigating difficult conversations is no easy feat.  On Tuesday 22 September, YWCA Canberra hosted our first online She Leads Workshop on Tips and Tricks for Navigating Difficult Conversations facilitated by Vanessa Vanderhoek. The evening’s objective was to help participants carry out difficult conversations and better understand their leadership […]

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Mastering self-doubt and mindset training with Angie Ford
1 September 2020

For many people, a leader is often perceived as a person who exudes confidence, emotional intelligence, and is always in control. What most people don’t consider is that all leaders, just like you and I, are humans and face no exemptions when it comes to challenges of self-doubt and uncertainty. Last Tuesday night, YWCA Canberra […]

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She Leads Workshops Board Readiness Wrap Up 
5 August 2020

Our She Leads Workshop series is designed to give women, including female-identifying and non-binary people the opportunity to gain practical skills to build their leadership capacity. Workshops are delivered by women who are experts in their field and are fun, interactive, inclusive, challenging and hands-on. We pride ourselves on creating safe and empowering spaces to […]

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Celebrating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leads in the media
3 June 2020

National Reconciliation Week (NRW) is almost over, but that does not mean that we have to stop celebrating our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities once the week is up. With so much creative content being produced by talented Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists, we thought now would be a valuable time to share […]

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Queer emcee with female students at She Leads College Conference

Becoming Unstoppable at She Leads College Conference
26 March 2020

The 2020 She Leads College Conference was a one-day leadership event for young women, including female–identifying and non-binary people, in years 11 and 12. The event, held Thursday 12 March at the University of Canberra’s Ann Harding Conference Centre, engaged more than 120 young people to explore and discover their leadership identity and values, as well as reflect […]

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IWD 2020 morning tea event networking

International Women’s Day: No place for sexism and harassment in 2020
6 March 2020

This International Women’s Day, we wanted to show our support for the women in our community by spotlighting the issue of sexism and sexual harassment in Canberra and the impacts it has on women’s lives.  According to our 2019 survey of Canberra women, Our Lives: Women in the ACT over 50 per cent of women in Canberra […]

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hats happening for IWD in Canberra graphics

What’s happening in Canberra on International Women’s Day?
2 March 2020

What’s happening in Canberra on International Women’s Day? It’s time to rally up the girls because International Women’s Day (IWD) is coming up Sunday 8 March, and we couldn’t be more excited! International Women’s Day is a time for us each to reflect on the progress made towards gender equality and express our deepest gratitude towards the women […]

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2019 STOP Domestic Violence Conference
24 December 2019

YWCA Canberra’s Gender and Domestic Violence Specialist Dr Tulika Saxena attended the 2019 STOP Domestic Violence Conference on the Gold Coast in December 2019. About 370 participants from all over Australia, from government, community services sector and universities, as well as violence survivors, participated in the conference this year, with the aim to come together […]

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Five key takeaways from this year’s She Leads events
23 December 2019

The She Leads program is a leadership pathway for women, including female-identifying and non-binary people, who are looking to explore and develop their leadership potential. It’s been a massive year for She Leads, with over 850 girls, women and non-binary people coming along to hear from a wide and diverse range of innovative women and […]

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