Celebrating NAIDOC week with your children!

13 November 2020

NAIDOC Week is finally here, and we could not be more excited! On this special week, we celebrate the history, culture, and achievements of  Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.   

NAIDOC Week is an opportunity for young children to learn about the culture of Australia’s First Nations people, and to build stronger connections with their local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.   

We’ve compiled a list of activities you and your children can do around all around Canberra to help celebrate this very important week.  

Learn about the history of NAIDOC Week   

NAIDOC Week is a chance to learn about and acknowledge the history of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Teach your children about the significance of NAIDOC Week, learn about its history, origins and even its importance in Australia.   

Be sure to include voices and perspectives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and  learn about the traditional custodians of the land that you live on. 

Read and listen to stories from the Dreamtime   

Introduce your children to the stories of the Dreamtime. The Dreamtime encapsulates many aspects of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture A few of our favourite stories from the Dreaming include The Rainbow SerpentTiddalick the Frog, and the Emu and the Jabiru.   

Learn about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art, song, and dance.   

Another important aspect of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture is  celebration through song, art and dance.  

You can learn about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art by introducing your children to traditional art-making practices  or listening to music that features traditional Indigenous instruments such as the didgeridoo and wooden clapping sticks. If you’re interested in dance performances, make sure to check out Australia’s leading Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander performing arts company, Bangarra.   

Visit local Aboriginal landmarks or sites of interest. 

Want to get outside this weekend? Why not explore an Aboriginal landmark or site of significant. Start off by learning about the name of the country you are on, and who the traditional owners are. A few great places to visit around Canberra include local national parks such as the Namadgi National Park and museums that showcase Aboriginal artists such as the National Gallery of Australia.   

Watch NAIDOC inspired programs and books. 

Since NAIDOC Week is celebrated nationwide, be sure to check out what other groups and programs are running to celebrate the week. Tune into classic programs such as Kids ABC, to watch educational content that helps celebrates Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people or read books written by Indigenous authors. We recommend Adam Brigg’s new picture book, ‘Our Home, Our Heartbeat’.   

If these programs are still not enough, check out all these other amazing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists 

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