Celebrating our new brand

11 September 2014

On Monday 8 September, YWCA Canberra members, Board Directors, staff and friends gathered at the Canberra Museum and Gallery to celebrate the launch of our new brand.

YWCA Canberra has been a leading women’s organisation for 85 years, and has provided numerous integral services to the Canberra community in that time. Our new brand builds on this rich history and demonstrates the evolution of YWCA Canberra as an innovative, adaptive and growing organisation.

As YWCA Canberra Executive Director, Frances Crimmins said, ‘Our new brand will ensure that people are no longer surprised when they hear about the fact that we’re the largest employer-based family day care provider in Australia, or that we work with girls, women, boys and men, or that we are a secular organisation, or that you can be 100 years old and still benefit from being a member, or that we employ more than 300 staff across 20 work sites in the Territory.’

During Frances’ presentation, guests viewed a slideshow of the many different faces of YWCA Canberra throughout history, drawing attention to the breadth and depth of our work over time.

Guests were also treated to live music from local duo, The Cheeky Violets, over drinks and canapés, and were presented with a striking branded poster illustrating our many areas of work and roadmap for the future.

The brand launch event was a wonderful celebration of this momentous occasion with our community.

Check out some of the great snaps from the evening below, as well as some of the historical photographs from Frances’ presentation that show the evolution of our brand through history. For more great photos, check out our Flickr album.

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