Conder Early Childhood Service

Conder is a small, 47 place Centre located in the Lanyon Valley. The service has been operating since 1994 and is deeply connected to the local community. Our Centre focuses on meaningful relationships with our children and their families, promoting a strong sense of belonging. These relationships are supported through the continuity of long-standing educators and small group sizes in our educational spaces.

Conder’s rich educational program, offers all-day indoor/outdoor play, in a natural home-like environment. We encourage children to engage in mixed aged play, supporting sibling and family groupings. We value children’s right to learn through play and explore their world through community connections and natural environments. Children are included as active participants and encouraged to assist qualified Educators by joining in decision making about their learning, to ensure a unique child centred program.

The Centre has a strong relationship with Charles Conder Primary School. Not only do we offer before and after school care arrangements for children attending the pre-school, but we foster the smooth transition to school by participating in regular visits to the school throughout the year.

The team at Conder have a commitment to providing a warm, nurturing, high-quality experiences through collaborative partnerships with their families and community.


55 Beaumaris Street, Conder. Free parking is available on site.


(ph): 02 6185 2086

Opening Hours

7:15am – 6:15pm Monday to Friday


$112 per session (permanent booking)

$115 per session (casual booking)