Community donors in the spotlight: Luke Hadfield from Canberry Properties

22 June 2022

As a not-for-profit organisation, YWCA Canberra’s funding is meaningfully allocated to meet the needs of those we aim to help within our community. This is impossible without the support of our incredible donors and partners, who ensure we have the financial ability to work toward our vision of ‘Girls and women thriving’.   

Recently we were approached by a local property and real estate company, Canberry Properties, who wanted to learn more about our work. Canberry offers each agent the opportunity to pick a community group, organisation or charity to work with and support in their own way. 

Property Consultant Luke Hadfield has generously chosen our Domestic Violence Support Service as the beneficiary of his donations. 

Here is Luke’s story

Luke Hadfield grew up in Port Macquarie in a very active community that helped form the foundation of his ethos: always support the community you live in. In 2013 he moved to Canberra and, after several years working in the hospitality and early childcare sector, he transitioned into the real estate industry. 

Now, working at Canberry Properties, Luke enjoys a positive and progressive environment where staff are supported and empowered to succeed and, in turn, provide their clients with the best possible customer experience. For Luke, it’s particularly inspiring that the company is dedicated to helping its local community.

‘I love that it is part of the company’s mission to do more for our community than just showing up to a charity lunch to tick the box of community support.’

In line with Canberry Properties’ mission, Luke decided that every time he sells a property, he will donate to our Domestic Violence Support Service, which provides free, confidential, non-judgemental support to assist women and their families. Luke explained that although this is new for him, it is an ongoing initiative at Canberry Properties where each staff member is encouraged to pick a group, charity or organisation they are passionate about. They are then given the means to offer their support. 

So why did Luke pick YWCA Canberra? Through his work, Luke deeply understands that Canberra can be a costly city to live in, especially for single mothers or people who are faced with having to leave hostile home environments. Luke believes everyone must do what they can to best support people in these positions.

‘I understand the gravity and significance that domestic violence has on women. Seeing it first-hand puts into perspective the damage it does, highlighting that as an aspiring leader within the community, I can work to be an instrument of change for society.’

Although Luke is active in his community as an advocate for those who need support, he admits this has not always been the case.

‘In the past, when it has come to gender equality and domestic violence, like many men, I have shamefully treated it as a taboo subject and either said nothing or looked the other way.’

However, Luke has since recognised that it is imperative for men to speak out on these issues and become a voice that assists in bringing positive action.  Now, as an advocate for change, Luke encourages others to become leaders in their community to support the area they live in, whether that’s the local sporting team or an organisation that helps those in need.

‘These groups and organisations are made up of our friends, families and neighbours, and I think if you’re in a position to make a difference no matter how big or small it may seem, you need to do it.’  

Want to donate? 

Are you a part of a business that wants to help support women and girls in your community? Get in touch to discover how you can contribute to the work of YWCA Canberra by emailing our Executive Director Communications Advocacy and Engagement, Zoya Patel, OR head to our donations page to donate today.  


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