Support LGBTQIA+ young people – 2022 LGBTQIA+ & Allies Prom

YWCA Canberra has been providing youth engagement services to the Canberra community for decades. One key area of our work is supporting LGBTQIA+ young people to access support, build community, and gain skills in a safe and empowering space.

The LGBTQIA+ & Allies Prom is an opportunity for young people (12-25) to experience a formal style event and express their identities in a safe, supportive, and non-judgmental community

Since launching Prom in 2016, it has become a very popular and much-anticipated event in the annual calendar for young LGBTQIA+ people and their allies. The event was created to provide an occasion for LGBTQIA+ young people who may not find it safe or institutionally acceptable to attend their own high school or college formal events.

At Prom, young people are actively supported to be their authentic selves in an inclusive and exciting environment. Furthermore, their authentic selves are celebrated and championed.

“I can say with pride that I have been a part of the LGBTQIA+ & Allies Prom for four years, both as an attendee and on the committee for the prom. I have seen it grow and only become more and more amazing every year despite, after every prom, thinking how could this get better? The amount of care and consideration that goes into the event both by the staff who volunteer to run it and by the young people themselves never fails to impress me.”
– Alistair Ott, 2020 Prom attendee

Did you know?
LGBTIQ+ Health Australia’s Current Evidence For Good Practice In Suicide Prevention For LGBTIQ+ People report states that family, friend, and community support were strong predictors
of positive outcomes, including life situation, self-esteem, and LGBTQIA+ appreciation. Community support was also found to be a strong predictor of healthy well-being and creating better mental health outcomes, including lower levels of depression.

Building community and supporting young people to feel empowered and have a safe space to explore their identity is fundamental to improving outcomes for LGBTQIA+
young people.

It’s important that the LGBTQIA+ and Allies Prom is free to attend – can you help by sponsoring the cost of an attendee?

As a charity, we work to cover the costs of hosting Prom to ensure it remains free for young people to attend. You can help by covering the cost of an attendee for $50. This is a tax deductible donation.

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