Y-Aspire is a young women’s leadership program for girls in years 7 and 8.
It focuses on helping young women build a strong connection to schooling
through an integrated learning program.

The program offers a weekly two hour session for groups of up to 12 participants over eight weeks. Topics covered throughout the program include identity, skills and skill building, body confidence, relationships and careers.

Y-Aspire aims to:

  • Build skills and confidence to assist young women in their journey through high school and beyond
  • Support them to identify and achieve their goals
  • Engage young women in activities that are designed to create awareness into who they are
  •  Encourage future aspirations
  •  Foster an environment that promotes participants to question the norms and expectations that may conflict with their aspirations.

For more information about Y-Aspire, please contact Lanyon Youth Centre on 02 6185 2090.

In 2014, Y-Aspire was the recipient of an ACT Mental Health Week Award, in the category ‘Promotion, Prevention and Early Intervention – Organisation’.