Design, font & finding your feet in a new industry

28 January 2016

Jordan Lim

Jordan is the Communications and Advocacy Officer at YWCA Canberra.

I spoke to Leah Falcocchio, the highly talented artist responsible for our Frugal Feast campaign artwork on design, her love of font and finding your feet in a new industry.  Hand drawing Bright Lights graphic                                        

How long have you been illustrating and designing?  

Officially: Since 2014. Unofficially: I first studied design in 2007 and scored my first job as a graphic designer in 2008. What followed was the worst year of my life due to the company culture of that particular workplace. After that, I subconsciously swore off ever being a designer. It took me six years to figure out that it wasn’t the role that sucked, it was the company that I had worked for.

I’ve noticed that you have a particular interest in typography – what is it about font that you love?!

For me, typography is a natural outcome of using Instagram as a platform. I think posting something that someone has to read attracts their attention more than an illustration. And let’s not be coy – the main reason anyone is on a social media platform is to get other people’s attention.

Any tips on working from home?

Make a list. Mark it off. When it gets too much, leave the house. Some days I had to purposefully put my phone somewhere where I knew I would be too lazy to retrieve it from. Distractions abound at home – the key is getting rid of them.

Instagram seems to be a tool of choice for many in the design field to showcase their work – do you find inspiration from others through social media?

Definitely. Inspiration and envy, it’s a double edged sword. The first one is helpful, the second one is when you need to put the phone down. It’s really unhelpful to constantly compare yourself to other people, and I constantly need to remind myself not to do that! It never gets easier.

What advice would you give to someone hoping to work in the design field?

Find your people. If you studied design at university, TAFE or college, you will know the benefit of surrounding yourself with people who love design as much as you do. Those people will provide the inspiration you need when you’re really lacking, because they understand where you’re coming from and are invaluable for bouncing ideas off. The design community is a super friendly place, so go along to local art events, design conferences, or volunteer your time for your local AGDA chapter if you need to find some design friends.

Who inspires you?

CJ Hendry inspires me. If you don’t know her work – look her up! I heard her speak at a conference in 2014 and she’s hilarious and I would like to be her friend/would like to have her life.

What are your goals for 2016?                   

To be more creative – and somehow create the time needed for that.

Check out more of Leah’s work on Instagram (@leahfalcocchio). She can be contacted at


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