Dr Do Little, Dance Lessons and Disaster Chef in the July School holidays

3 August 2016

Eliza Hughes

Eliza is the Communications and Marketing Officer at YWCA Canberra

The July school holidays were packed with exciting opportunities for children who attended our four programs at Majura, Turner, Kingsford Smith and St. Benedict’s Primary Schools.

During the first week, children watched as tiny eggs arrived in an incubator, slowly hatched, and little chicks began exploring their new environment, as part of a hatching program. The children learned about the life cycle of a chicken, and the kinds of things the chicks needed to survive, such as food, water and warmth.

Children were especially fascinated to learn that chicks are born with an ‘egg tooth’; a tiny bump on the top of their beak that helps them break out of their egg, which they lose shortly after hatching. Educators engaged with the children in a number of discussions about the chicks, and helped children understand why it’s important to be gentle with the chicks when holding them. The hatching program provided a great learning opportunity, and the chicks were very popular.

Children also had the opportunity to participate in an orienteering session. They were split into small groups, given a map and a compass, and guided to find challenging locations in the school playground. The activity was a bit tricky for the younger children, however, they enjoyed working together with the older children, and being out and about.

During the second week, the children received visits from Kenny Koala, the Fire Brigade and the SES, who each conducted important safety talks with the children, and emphasised the importance of learning and remembering your parent’s phone numbers.  The children at Majura were lucky enough to each have a turn squirting the fire hose.

Of their experience, one child reflected “I know to yell ‘help’ if I am ever in trouble, and look for the long, yellow pants.” fire truck

As well as these great activities, children also travelled to the Belconnen Community Theatre watch Dr. Do Little’s Circus, and enjoyed a “Warm Fuzzy” day, where they participated in a range of activities designed to celebrate each other’s uniqueness and make others feel appreciated. Children also enjoyed a dance lesson from the Footsteps Dance Company, and on a particularly messy day, took part in ‘Disaster Chef’, where aprons were made using tea towels, and a big sticky delicious feast of baked items ensued.

In term three, our School Age Care programs will begin a Social Justice Project of their choosing. The children will explore what social justice is, how it affects our society and what they can do to help. Watch this space to see these projects evolve!

If you would like to learn more about any of our School Age Care Programs, visit our website or email sarah.lovelady@ywca-canberra.org.au

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