She Leads Diploma of Leadership & Management

The She Leads Diploma of Leadership and Management is at the cutting edge of leadership development. It applies a framework of developing participants’ cognitive capabilities and emotional intelligence (knowing), practical leadership skills (doing), and leadership identity (being).

The course interweaves this framework with a traditional Diploma of Leadership and Management (BSB51918), allowing participants to build their leadership skills while working towards a nationally recognised qualification. The course also explicitly acknowledges and addresses the perspectives, challenges and opportunities for women in leadership.

During the She Leads Diploma, participants will have the opportunity to explore and refine their leadership identity and reflect on their experiences, strengths, values, and vision for the future. Through this process, participants will learn how to become authentic and effective leaders.

Upon successful completion, participants will graduate with a BSB51918 Diploma of Leadership and Management, recognising their competency in the following areas:

  • Managing personal work priorities and professional development
  • Managing operational plans, budgets and financial plans
  • Communicating with influence
  • Using emotional intelligence
  • Managing meetings
  • Managing people performance & ensuring team effectiveness
  • Supporting the recruitment, selection and induction of staff
  • Managing diversity
  • Facilitating continuous improvement.

The She Leads Diploma is delivered over ten dynamic full-day classes which include: seminars, practical exercises with case studies and role plays, personal development sessions, and peer coaching.

Course Guide

For more information about the course and the units of competency covered, see the She Leads Diploma course guide.

Course Fees

This qualification is available as fee-for-service and government funding through User Choice as part of a traineeship.

See the Student Information page for a full break down of the fees associated with this course.


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Graduate testimonials

“I have a greater sense of confidence in my ability as a leader. I have gained the skills so far to reflect on my own work and ability to gain followers in my work place. She Leads has a wide range of women from many different sectors who all share knowledge and give each other support, with respect for all individuals and their knowledge. I feel the reflection on myself has contributed to my leadership journey.”

“I was able to look inside and find my strengths. Believing in what I had, and courage to act upon it. I have found that I have a lot of strengths and She Leads has confirmed this.

“We always hold ourselves back. I recommend to a lot of young women to do it now, I wish I had.

“I have recognised that I have leadership qualities that are valued by my organisation. What She Leads has taught me is that I need to communicate this in my project plans in order to gain promotions into higher leadership roles.”

“I have been able to apply for jobs I would never have thought of applying for. I have become more clear on my professional direction and made positive changes. Without this course, I would still be stuck in my professional development. This has answered so many questions for me. I have been the happiest I have ever been in my profession/leadership direction and choices.

“The program is user-friendly and supportive – I am a very, very busy mother and full-time worker and found this course fitted my life perfectly in terms of hours and support to do it.

“I believe in my leadership – actually believe in it now!”

“It helped me learn more about who I was as an Aboriginal woman….it helped me learn more about my identity even when I didn’t know I needed (to)…I now know I have the ability to manage other people in workplaces as well as lead my people to be a better Australia”.

“She Leads was full of ‘aha’ moments surrounding gender equality, leadership, management and personal values. The balance of discussion on the theory and practice was really effective and I’ve come away with a useful framework for thinking about big issues surrounding leadership along with a whole tool kit of strategies relating to management, coaching, facilitation and negotiation.

“I really enjoyed the range of facilitators and panelists and the other women participants were a terrific source of knowledge and inspiration. I would absolutely recommend this program to young women wanting to build their confidence and chart a course for their future and contribution to society.”

“I found She Leads to be an innovative approach to leadership and management training. It not only provides you with business management skills such as corporate governance, budgeting and strategic and project planning but it created a forum to go further and question what leadership really is, what makes an effective leader and why. You get to practice the skills you learn in a supportive environment and the course well exceeded my expectations for what I originally thought would simply be a management course.”

“I loved the thought-provoking panel discussions on all aspects of leadership which provided me with an instant network of inspiring and successful women. The facilitators were experienced and knowledgeable with the convenor understanding of commercial deadlines and different learning styles. The other participants were a great mix of women from government and private practice with diverse backgrounds and interests and it was an honour to share this step in my leadership journey with them.”

“She Leads challenged my perceptions of leadership, helped me clarify my values and my role as a leader. Not only was it educational but it was a great confidence boost. It was a great course which I highly recommend it to all young women who want to push themselves, learn new skills and set themselves on track to achieve their personal and professional goals.”