She Leads Workshops

21646-She-Leads-Workshops-logo_Stacked-RGBShe Leads Workshops develop women’s, including female-identifying and non-binary people’s skills and confidence to take on leadership roles within their community, and promote our goal of women influencing, leading and deciding.

Workshops are run throughout the year by distinguished women leaders. These skills-based workshops are designed to address the under-representation of women in leadership roles, by building the capacity and confidence of women who strive to contribute to community leadership, especially through board and committee membership.

Many of our workshops are member-led, giving YWCA Canberra members the opportunity to share their skills and expertise on a range of topics with other members. These workshops encourage knowledge sharing within the YWCA Canberra membership base, and draw on the skills and expertise of our members to offer development opportunities to women leaders.

Workshops usually run for three hours, from 5:30-8:30pm, and cost $50 for YWCA Canberra members and $60 for non-members.

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2018 Workshops

February 27 – Setting and meeting career goals with Mikaela Danvers

April 17- leadership influence, leadership identity, and self-promotion with Catherine McGrath

June 26 – Financial literacy with Sharon Bruzga

August 7 – Board Governance with YWCA Canberra Board Directors

September 25 – Board Finance with Betty Ferguson

October 23 – Creative Thinking with Mikaela Danvers