She Leads Workshops

She Leads Workshops develop women and non-binary people’s skills and confidence to take on leadership roles within their community, and promote our goal of women and non-binary people influencing, leading and deciding.

Tailored to the needs of women and non-binary people, workshops are run throughout the year by distinguished women leaders.

These skills-based sessions address the under-representation of women and non-binary people in leadership roles, by building the capacity and confidence of women and non-binary people who strive to contribute to community leadership, especially through board and committee membership.

Recent topics covered in She Leads Workshops include:

  • board governance and finance
  • mastering self doubt
  • navigating difficult conversations
  • public speaking skills
  • setting and meeting goals.

Workshops are hosted in the evening after work and usually run for 1.5 to two hours.

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Participant testimonials

  • “The workshops were so insightful, providing valuable information and the speakers where, well, just brilliant. I hope to attend a couple other She Leads workshops in the future and really just wanted to say thank you for the fabulous work you and the women at YWCA do.”
  • “Seeing a mix of young and older women motivated me to join a board. As a young person it is often daunting to aspire to lead.”
  • “The workshop provided structure for how to think about leadership skills and aspirations.”
  • “I have increased my self-awareness, the first step of overcoming barriers.”
  • “The workshop increased my confidence about how I can be a good board member.”