Useful information for students

This page includes information on fees, government funding, how to enrol, and other important documents and forms. For more information on what is expected from our students please see the Student Handbook.

How much does training cost?

Our Fee Schedule outlines how our fees and charges are collected for the delivery of our training and assessment services. We offer training as a fee for service and via government funding.

Government funding

We offer training that may be subsidised via government funding, we can offer training under two government funding initiatives, ACT Skilled Capital and User Choice Traineeships and Apprenticeships.

What is Skilled Capital?

Skilled Capital is an ACT Government training initiative, funded by the ACT and Australian Governments. Skilled Capital provides subsidised training in a selection of qualifications from the ACT Skills Needs Lists. Skilled Capital is available to eligible students wanting to undertake a nationally recognised program, subject to available places. For further information please visit the ACT Government Skilled Capital website.

What is User Choice?

User Choice is a national funding policy for Australian Apprenticeships, ‘Australian Apprenticeships in the ACT are funded by the ACT and Australian Governments’. User Choice provides subsidised apprenticeships and traineeships in a selection of qualifications. User Choice is available to eligible trainees who are undertaking a nationally recognised program and must have supervision in the workplace; opportunities to develop and practice new skills and must be released to attend off the job training. For further information please visit the ACT Government website.

Please contact YWCA Canberra Education and Training team on 02 6185 2000 for the availability of places in the program, or for more information about the course and your eligibility.

How to enrol

Our approach to enrolment and induction is to empower you to make informed decisions and enter a training pathway that is the right fit for you now and into the future.

Depending on the course you wish to enroll in you may need to attend an information session, details of this can be found on each of the course information pages.

Unique Student Identifier

Students undertaking nationally recognised training are required to have a Unique Student Identifier (USI) and supply this to any Registered Training Organisation that they are undertaking nationally-recognised training with. For further information please visit

You’ve decided to enrol

To enrol you will need to complete the following steps:

  1. Complete the Expression of Interest Form (you will be placed on a waiting list and contacted when your chosen course is next available)
  2. Once contacted, complete the enrolment form and any other forms requested
  3. Supply ID documents
  4. Undertake an LLN assessment (if required)
  5. On confirmation of enrollment pay the initial enrollment fee

Note: If you are currently in Australia on a student visa, you are not permitted to undertake a course with us. YWCA Canberra is not registered with CRICOS and it is therefore against the law for us to offer our courses to international students.


Below is a list of forms that you may need throughout your education and training journey with us. The forms can either be completed online or printed off, scanned and emailed in. These forms can be submitted to or can be handed in to our team at the YWCA Canberra head office.