Relationship Things Online

RT online imageRelationship Things Online is an online respectful relationships resource for young people aged 14-18, that explores topics around respect, communication, gender equality, diversity, safe sex and consent. Launched in August 2015, the resource uses interactive activities to get users thinking about their own values and identity, and how to engage in respectful relationships.

This new initiative builds on our existing primary prevention work, through our programs Respect, Communicate, Choose and Relationship Things. Relationship Things Online will have the most impact if young people are also able to access the full Relationship Things program.

Relationship Things Online features sections and activities on:

Relationships – This section has been designed to encourage young people to explore their values, what they look for in a relationship, and to start thinking about how different relationships can impact on their identities.

Gender – Gender equality is a critical aspect of primary prevention. This section gets young people thinking about the gender stereotypes that exist in society, and challenges them to start thinking critically about them.

Respect – This section looks at respect from a number of different angles, including respecting diversity and respect online.

Communicate – This section explores how to communicate respectfully, and offers young people some tools to help resolve conflict and communicate online.

Choose – Similar to the section on relationships, the ‘Choose’ section of the resource explores the individual choices of young people, and how they can impact on other people too.

Consent and safe sex  – This section explores the notion of consent, and asks young people to think about how to respect their partners in sexually intimate situations. It also includes a sexually transmitted infections (STI) chart, and detailed information on contraception.

To visit the website and find out more, head to Relationship Things. If you are in the ACT and would like YWCA Canberra staff to demonstrate Relationship Things Online at your school, contact

YWCA Canberra is developing ways to provide Respect, Communicate, Choose and Relationship Things to schools in a sustainable, accessible format. More information will be available shortly. For more information or to register your interest, please email

YWCA Canberra would like to thank the ACT Office for Women and Goosebumps creative agency for their support for this initiative.