Respect, Communicate, Choose

Respect, Communicate, Choose is an innovative and evidence-based program which aims to give young people aged 8-12 years old the tools and support to develop, promote and perpetuate equal, safe and respectful relationships, with the ultimate goal of preventing violence against women.

The program is designed to prevent violence before it occurs by supporting young people to:

  • Challenge attitudes that are based on inequality.
  • Build their knowledge and skills to develop relationships that are non-violent and respectful.
  • Encourage young people to think about the consequences of their behaviour on themselves and other people.
  • Empower participants to become advocates for violence prevention in their community and within their peer groups.

Students undertaking the program participate in creative and fun age appropriate activities that help them build the knowledge and skills to practice respect and equality in the classroom, in the playground, at home and beyond. For example, students can watch and discuss a series of animations which explore how Saskia, a young student, can choose to deal with a disrespectful peer. She can ignore the behaviour, confront the perpetrator, or seek assistance from a teacher.

Saskia introduction


Response #1


Response #2


Response #3


Respect, Communicate, Choose has been developed as part of YWCA Canberra’s Relationship Things community resources, in response to evidence that there is a gap in these services for children in this age group.

The program was funded under the Australian Government’s National Plan to Reduce Violence Against Women and the Children, delivered through the Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs.  The ACT Government Community Services Directorate supported the development of the program in 2012-2013, and it was delivered to 14 primary schools across the ACT and Adelaide, in partnership with YWCA of Adelaide.

To find out more about Respect, Communicate, Choose and to enquire about delivering the program at your school, contact YWCA Canberra at