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Teachers are in a unique position to help not only their students but our whole society change and grow for the good of all. Through classrooms across the ACT, teachers are instilling children with the knowledge and skills they need to take positive steps for the benefit of society.

One important social issue where education has been shown to have a positive impact is in reducing the drivers of gender-based violence and harassment, through Respectful Relationships Education. This training helps prevent violence and equip young people with the skills to recognise and engage in respectful relationships.

However, many teachers understandably have concerns about where to start with such an important and sensitive topic.

Teaching Respect Ed is a two-day training program that equips educators with the skills and practical knowledge to deliver respectful relationship programs in the classroom. Our next course is scheduled for 19 and 20 October.

After completing Teaching Respect Ed, you will:

  • understand the drivers of sexual and gender-based violence
  • understand best-practice standards for violence prevention, and how these apply to schools
  • be equipped to plan, develop and facilitate appropriate learning experiences for students on respectful relationships
  • be equipped to strengthen the enabling environment for respectful relationships
  • know how to respond when you become aware of sexual and gender-based violence impacting on students or colleagues.

Accreditation: Teaching Respect Ed is TQI accredited and counts towards 10 hours of required professional development.




The two-day course costs $500 per participant (including GST) or $900 for two participants. We recommend that a minimum of two participants attend from each school, to enable Respectful Relationships Education to be better embedded in the school setting.

This includes:

  • COVID-compliant face-to-face training
  • training delivered by qualified facilitators with extensive experience in the sector
  • catering (morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea, tea and coffee)
  • learning materials to take away (activities that you can run with students)
  • options for follow-up support and networking.

Dr Tulika Saxena, PhD

Tulika has more than 20 years of research and field experience in gender equality, gender mainstreaming and gender-based violence, particularly domestic violence, sexual harassment in the workplace and primary prevention of violence against women.

Tulika manages our domestic violence support service and delivers training on:

  • bystander intervention
  • domestic and family violence awareness for ACT Public Service, community services practitioners and employers
  • workplace equality and respect
  • Teaching Respect Ed, a primary prevention program for young people and school teachers.

Prior to joining YWCA Canberra in 2019, Tulika worked at Brisbane Domestic Violence Services, Micah Projects Inc as a domestic violence specialist and has international experience in training, facilitation, program design, service delivery and academic roles.

Dr Merrindahl Andrew, PhD

Merrindahl has 20 years of experience in policy advocacy, research and capacity-building. Her work is focused on gender equality, sexual and gender-based violence, and community organising for social change.

Prior to joining YWCA Canberra in 2020, Merrindahl managed Australian Women Against Violence Alliance, a national alliance of organisations working to end all forms of violence against women.

She has experience delivering training on violence prevention and supporting young people to have safe and healthy relationships.


Ciára Duggan

Ciára brings a decade of youth engagement and community development experience to their role as Youth Programs Team Leader and Training Consultant at YWCA Canberra.

Ciára has extensive experience working with sexuality and gender diverse people and delivering innovative educational programs in schools in the ACT.

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