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3 May 2016

Eliza Hughes

Eliza is the Communications and Marketing Officer at YWCA Canberra

YWCA Canberra runs 13 School Age Care programs across Canberra, providing care for children before and after school and during the holidays.

Our educators work hard to offer a diverse range of experiences and opportunities that are designed to foster children’s wellbeing, development and learning.

We have had a fabulous start to the year – read on to learn about some of the highlights from Term 1.

Animal AdventuresAnimal Adventures 1
During term 1, children participated in a hugely successful ‘Animal Adventures’ program. Four toy animals journeyed between the programs on a rotational basis and documented their adventures with the children.
Animal Adventures provides a great opportunity for community connections to be made between the programs, and feedback from the children has been extremely positive. We will continue in term 2.

Bollywood dancing at Hawker
Hawker held a Bollywood dance workshop in week 7, where children dressed up in traditional costumes and learned a variety of dance moves. It was a wonderful occasion, and allowed children to explore their creativity and express themselves while learning about aspects of Hindi culture.

Reptile Man visits Yarralumla

The children at Yarraluma enjoyed a visit from Peter the Reptile Man, who brought his vast collection of Hawker Bollywood dancingfrogs, lizards, snakes and even a baby crocodile to visit for the afternoon. Some children were a little scared at first, but Peter was very funny and shared many facts and useful information about reptiles.

By the end of the visit, some children were brave enough to touch a snake. It was a great afternoon!

Charles Conder visits to Early Childhood Centre

Each week, a few children from the Charles Conder School Age Care program visit Conder Early Childhood centre. The program has now been running for ten weeks, and provides a lovely opportunity for the older children to form friendships with the younger ones, and teach them a range of games and other activities.

A visit from Kenny Koala 

Constable Kenny Koala visited Lyneham in week 9 to talk about safe behaviours, and help the children to identify people in their community who they can go to for help, such as teachers, police, sports coaches and shop owners. Kenny also talked about internet safety with the older children, before taking everyone outside to show off his police car, complete with sirens and flashing lights!
Lyneham children are already asking when Kenny can come back for another visit.

Our staff member Claire has been visiting all school holiday programs to introduce yoga to the children. The sessions have been very calming and the children are enjoying learning new breathing and posing techniques.

We are looking forward to man more opportunities to have fun together during term 2.

If you are interested in finding out more about our School Age Care programs, please contact Lee Newlyn at lee.newlyn@ywca-canberra.org.au or phone 6175 9900.

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