Five quick questions with Merissa Little

18 May 2021

We’re a month out from our She Leads workshop on Getting ready for tax time with Merissa Little! Today we sat down with Merissa to talk with her about her passions, her leadership journey and gender equality in the workplace.  

Merissa is a qualified accountant with more than 25 years’ experience in Public Practice.  She is a Fellow of the NTAA and a Registered Tax Agent in her own right and is one of the three female principalsand a board member of ITP Accounting Professionals (ACT). Through her work, Merissa is helping to shape the future direction of the practice, providing tax, bookkeeping and business planning support to a wide range of individuals and small businesses across Australia.   

Describe yourself in 30 words or less. 

Passionate about what I do. Family first ALWAYS. A practical dreamer who believes anything is possible if you just think outside of the box and are willing to work for it. 

What can people expect to take away from your workshop, Getting ready for tax time, scheduled for Tuesday, June 15, 6-8pm  

I hope participants walk away with an understanding of what to declare as income, how to safely maximise their deductionsincluding what records need to be kept to prove it, and a greater understanding of the complexities of our tax system. 

What questions are you tired of hearing about gender equality or women in leadership? 

I dislike going to a professional event and the first question after being introduced to someone new is, “do you have kids”? 

I dislike thinking an organisation that I am involved with has, “mandated female representation in management”as everyone should be assessed on their abilities to perform regardless of gender.  

I dislike it when people don’t respect those women who have consciously chosen to stay at home with their children and be professional mothers – not everyone wants a career outside the home. 

What is a personal challenge you have had to overcome for your leadership goals? 

Guilt about not wanting to stay at home with my kids and be a professional mother.  I honestly admire anyone who can or did do this. It is interestinwhere the guilt comes from. 

Imagine yourself in your 80’s. What leadership advice would your 80-year-old self give to you right now? 

Trust yourself, you know more than you think.  Don’t be scared to be the smartest person in the room and NEVER backdown when you know you are right.  But be polite, respectful and humble. 

While these are not specific “leadership” advice, to me they are the keys to being a positive role model for those who are impacted by the decisions I make. You can probably tell I don’t see myself as much of a leader and the humble can be hard to achieve at times. 

Want to hear more from Merissa? Register to attend our She Leads workshop Getting ready for tax time with Merissa Littlecoming up on 15 June 2021.   

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