FREE training – Preventing gender based violence: your role in the community

9 November 2021

Gender-based violence is a complex issue, but we want to empower you to contribute to the solution.  

Bystander approaches are the interventions that support individuals to intervene in violence, harassment or other anti-social behaviour to prevent and reduce harm to others.  

Research shows that bystander approaches can help prevent violence against women, including domestic and family violence, sexual violence and other forms of interpersonal violence. 

At YWCA Canberra, we deliver a range of training and education options that help prevent and respond to violence against women in the community and our workplaces.  

Our free online training, ‘Preventing gender-based violence: Your role in the community,’ invites community groups to play a leadership role in preventing violence against women. Through this training, you’ll learn about the causes and impact of gender-based violence, as well as discover simple actions you can take within your community to prevent it.  

This 30-minute online training course is suitable for anyone who plays an active role in a community group, such as a sport or recreation club, social group or interest group, or just because you want to make your community a better place! 

Play a role in ending gender-based violence in your community and get started with our free online course today! For more information, visit our education and training page

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