The main conference program took place on Tuesday 19 March at Hotel Realm, with optional master class sessions & cocktail function on the evening of Monday 18 March.

Monday 18 May

6pm – Master Class sessions

Resilience at work: three keys to thriving in the face of challenge – Jacqueline Jago (SOLD OUT)

Overwhelmed? Feeling inadequate? Can’t remember the last time you laughed for the pleasure or the heck of it? Chances are, your resilience to the normal stresses of modern life could do with a work – out: and this masterclass has been specially designed to provide it. Not only is it possible to moderate your response to stress – once you know the three keys to contacting your innate resilience, it’s inevitable. Taking a “head, heart, hand” approach, executive coach Jacqueline Jago will show you how to move through stress to resilience, and how to re-ignite your greatness from a place of authenticity, vulnerability, and strength.

You’ll learn and practice:

  • How to reframe issues and challenges in your life in terms of what the lesson is for you
  • Simple steps for contacting, honouring and letting go of the emotions that are keeping you stuck so that you can move forward and build your resilience
  • How to take concrete action at work, at home, and in your community in order to manifest your new insights and your unique strengths

Innovative leadership – Dr Sarah Pearson (SOLD OUT)

The world is changing… and fast. The pace of economic, social, environmental and technological change is too great for one individual or organisation to have all the expertise. The 21st century requires a new style of leadership that embraces creativity and collaboration. In this practical workshop innovation expert and CEO of the Canberra Innovation Network (CBRIN) Dr Sarah Pearson will share knowledge and experience gained from her diverse career to show you how you can implement innovation strategies for personal and organisational success.

What you’ll learn:

  • How leadership is changing and why innovation as integral part of leadership
  • Strategies leveraging your strengths and own leadership style to become a more innovative leader
  • Actions you can take to overcome barriers to innovation, and to encourage an innovation culture in your organisation (regardless of your position)
  • Practical examples/case studies of innovative leadership

How to raise your profile online – Angela Priestley
During this interactive workshop, Angela Priestley will outline how to clean up and develop your ‘digital assets’ to build an online profile that gets colleagues, clients, employers and even journalists chasing you. As a journalist and editor herself, Angela will share how women can apply ‘news room’ thinking to how they produce content, stand out and continually stay relevant online.

This session covers social media, blogging, content marketing and working with the media. It will leave you with strategies to start implementing immediately on:

  • Who makes an excellent expert ‘source’ online, and how to become one
  • What makes great content, and how to produce and come up with excellent ideas
  • When to insert your voice into the daily conversation, and how to keep up
  • Where you should be online (which platforms etc), and how to start or clean-up your existing assets
  • Why your expertise are needed, and how to let the world know it

7.30pm – Cocktail function

Tuesday 19 May

9am – Session 1

Welcome & Opening Remarks – Tracey Spicer

Welcome to Country

Keynote – Stephanie Lorenzo

Panel Session – Lessons from leaders
[Kate Carnell AO, Emma Bennison, Nipuni Wijewickrema]
In this panel, three women will share their very different and very inspiring personal leadership journeys. The panel will discuss the lessons they’ve learned, the skills, behaviours and people that have helped them achieve leadership success, and reflect on some of the biggest challenges they’ve faced along the way.

11.20am – Session 2

Keynote – Clare Bowditch

Panel Session – Leadership for a new era
[Dai Le, Rebecca Skinner, TBC]
How do the societal, cultural and workplace expectations around ‘leadership’ help or hinder women in their careers and leadership journeys? What could a different, more inclusive model of leadership look like, and how do we get there? In this panel, three women from different cultural and professional backgrounds will unpack and explore these questions.

2pm – Session 3

Keynote – Yamini Naidu

Panel Session – Calibrating your leadership compass
[Jessica May, Hala Batainah, Stephanie Foster]
Panellists will share their stories and experience of how they’ve identified, communicated and leveraged their personal values and purpose in their professional career. Panellists will also reveal how they’ve used personal values to overcome difficulties and challenges in the workplace.

4.20pm – Session 4

Keynote – Professor Gillian Triggs

Closing Remarks – Tracey Spicer