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Tuesday 5 May

* Please note that this program is draft only and is subject to change

Morning Session

9am – Welcome & Opening Remarks – Zoya Patel (Conference MC)

Welcome to Country – Aunty Janette Phillips

Workshop Sessions
(Each participant will have the opportunity to participate in both workshops)

9.45am – Workshop 1: What’s Your Leadership I.D.? (Suzi Skinner)
There are many different and successful leadership styles. Regardless of their style, successful leaders understand the importance of having a clear and consistent leadership identity which can really boost their personal success and wellbeing. They have strong self-awareness, take responsibility for their actions and are not afraid to be themselves. They don’t conform to the latest leadership thinking or models. They know who they are, what they do and why they are doing it. That is, they know their leadership I.D. In this interactive workshop Suzi will outline how raising your awareness of what has informed your leadership approach to date – especially as this plays out between the genders; how your views on leadership have been shaped over your life so far; and reframing your unique approach to leading will enable you to lead in your own compelling and authentic way.

Session objectives:

  • Broaden your views about who is and can be a leader, including the concept of leadership as an action not a position.
  • Increase your awareness of the role gender plays in determining your leadership pathway and experiences.
  • Begin to articulate how your personal, life and school experiences have shaped your thoughts on leadership
  • Inspire you to continue to lead regardless of your title, age or experience level!

11.30am -Workshop 2: Young Vagabond Workshop
Young Vagabond School Workshops use interactive and creative facilitations to empower young people to think critically about how constructs of gender affect their lives. The workshops encourage participants to challenge existing ideas perpetuated through the media and other social systems and to gain confidence in developing improved understandings of what gender identity means to them.

The workshops explore gender stereotypes from both a current and historical perspective to assist participants to recognize the systems in place that influence our conceptualization of gender. Through our facilitations, we address types of media that are responsible for this conditioning and encourage participants to find healthier channels of information and entertainment.

Afternoon Session

1.20pm – Personal leadership stories

2.40pm – Panel Q&A (with above speakers)

3.20pm – Personal reflection session

4pm -Conference  concludes