Clubhouse partners

The YWCA Canberra Clubhouse is a high tech digital studio where Tuggeranong youth collaborate with industry mentors to design, create, and pursue their passions.

Today, over 100 Clubhouses in 20 countries reach tens of thousands of young people from underserved communities each year. Many were started with funding by Intel Corporation, which has invested $50 million since 2000.

Others were started by local foundations, corporations, government agencies, and individuals who believe in the Clubhouse mission. All are supported on an ongoing basis by their own local funding sources.

The sustainability and success of the YWCA Canberra Clubhouse is determined by the support of corporate and philanthropic partnerships. These partnerships may comprise software and hardware contributions, professional mentoring for clubhouse members, and financial contributions to cover operating costs.

We are proud that our partners span the government, private and community sectors – together we are making an incredible impact on young people’s lives!

To find out how your organisation can get involved as a partner, please contact Tiffany King, Executive Director of Communication, Advocacy and Engagement at

Download the 2016 Clubhouse Impact report to find out more about the highlights and achievements of the Clubhouse over the past 12 months.

MTP Services

MTP Services has been a major supporter of the Clubhouse. In 2021, they donated every item of software and hardware on the Clubhouse wish list—that’s almost $10,000 of equipment! They also provide regular monthly support that enables us to deliver the Mobile Clubhouse to even more young people in the Tuggeranong region.

Snow Foundation logo

Snow Foundation

The Snow Foundation have been a significant support of the Clubhouse. In 2014, The Snow Foundation provided a $20,000 grant to the Clubhouse to support the operational aspects of the project. They have built on this initial support with a further $30,000 over 2016-18, to support the role of the Clubhouse Coordinator, which is crucial to the success of the program.

Georgina Bryon, CEO The Snow Foundation said, “The YWCA Computer Clubhouse is a perfect fit for The Snow Foundation as one of our key focus areas is to fund education and life skills programs for children and adults. This program encompasses all that is good about the Canberra community – volunteers, government, corporate and philanthropic groups working together to provide students with the skills to explore and experience the ever-changing digital world. It allows young people to become engaged, confident and creative in a safe and supportive environment.”



CollabIT has leveraged its networks to help spread the word about the Computer Clubhouse, and encourage support within the community for this exciting program.


Lockheed Martin Australia

Lockheed Martin Australia is committed to supporting science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education, the men and women of our national security forces, and veteran causes. That is why Lockheed Martin Australia was a founding partner of the YWCA Canberra Clubhouse program, providing financial support to ensure our members can travel to engage in educational and vocational excursions, in Australia and beyond, as well as funding the development of our audio visual production suite for our Members.



AARNet (Australia’s Academic and Research Network) and ACTDE provided internet connectivity to the Clubhouse pro bono, which is vital for enabling skill development in digital technologies.

Coordinate logo


Coordinate creates content for advertising, design, digital, social, and media, partnering with Canberra’s most brilliant and progressive brands.

Coordinate was an original partner of the YWCA Canberra Clubhouse program, and has providing in-kind support by way of developing our marketing collateral and promotional videos.



HSBC’s sponsorship program has a special focus on developing youth, furthering education, and embracing different cultures. That is why HSBC Canberra provided both in-kind and financial support in our establishment phase to ensure the viability of this important community initiative.



NICTA is Australia’s Information Communications Technology (ICT) Research Centre of Excellence and the nation’s largest organisation dedicated to ICT research. NICTA’s primary goal is to pursue high-impact research excellence and, through application of this research, to create national benefit and wealth for Australia.

NICTA was an original partner of our Computer Clubhouse program, donating a 3D printer so our members can design and manufacture their own 3D objects.


Wacom Australia

Wacom Australia says “we love what creativity brings to the world. It makes us human, adding a richness to our lives, bringing ideas, imagination and beauty. We dream of a world alive with creativity, where people are free to explore and express new ideas. Creativity puts a smile on the face of the world.”

Wacom Australia was an original  partner of the YWCA Canberra Clubhouse program, donating 10 reconditioned Intuos5 Medium graphics tablets, so that our members can hone their digital design skills.



Intravision provided the installation of cabling and electrical work for the Clubhouse at a below cost rate when we first opened our doors.

Computer clubhouse partner good guys -- logo

Good Guys Tuggeranong 

The Good Guys Tuggeranong kindly donated eight 12 inch monitors for the Clubhouse’s desktop PCs when we initially established the Clubhouse.

Canberra Data Centres

CDC is an Australian company. Since its creation it has been a trusted partner to organisations requiring secure, reliable, green and customised data centre solutions. In 2017, CDC joined our community of Clubhouse partners, by funding a refresh of key equipment in the space, including high spec desktop computers.

Inspiring Australia

Inspiring Australia is a joint initiative between the Federal Department of Innovation, Industry and Innovation, ACT Government, and CBR Innovation Network. Inspiring Australia provides of in-kind support to a range of STEAM initiatives, and a fabulous entrepreneurial and innovation network. In 2017, Inspiring Australia helped revamp the equipment at the Clubhouse, including a number of high spec desktop computers for our members to work on.



Microsoft believes in the positive changes that women bring in decision making processes, managing people, driving corporations and in impacting social life in general.

Microsoft is a founding partner of our Computer Clubhouse, and was instrumental in its establishment and strategic development. The Microsoft team continues to be active contributors through mentoring and in-kind professional support.


ACT Education and Training Directorate

The ACT Education and Training Directorate have supported Richardson Primary School to partner with YWCA Canberra’s Computer Clubhouse.


Richardson Primary School  

Richardson Primary School are a key partner to YWCA Canberra in this important initiative.

Dimension Data logo

Dimension Data

As part of its corporate social responsibility strategy, Heads, Hearts and Hands, Dimension Data Australia are a founding partner of the Clubhouse. Dimension Data designed and deployed the IT environment, have made financial donations to support our operations, and provide ongoing IT support to the Clubhouse.