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17 March 2017

YWCA Canberra’s Great Ydeas Small Grants provide funds to local women and girls to pursue a professional development opportunity, pilot a project, kick-start a business idea, or address a need in the community. This year, YWCA Canberra has partnered with Soroptomist International ACT & Monaro to provide the first ever Soroptomist International ACT & Monaro Great Ydeas Diversity and Inclusion Grant.

The grant is available to a woman of any age, identifying as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, culturally or linguistically diverse, LGBTQI+, or a woman with a disability. This grant is for any activity covered under the general Great Ydeas funding opportunity, including to help fund a start-up, new project, professional development, or more.

To find out more about Soroptomist International ACT & Monaro’s interest in helping people in our community, we sat down for chat with them.

What drew you to partner with YWCA Canberra on the Great Ydeas program?

Soroptimists inspire action and create opportunities to transform the lives of girls and women through a global network of members and international partnerships. We know that women become even stronger when we work together, and so a partnership between Soroptimists and YWCA Canberra on this project will make excellent use of our combined skills and resources resources in order to empower local women to achieve their goals.

Soroptimist International draws on data and information from our local projects around the world to inform our international advocacy on behalf of women and girls at the CSW and ECOSOC.  We really value YWCA Canberra’s evidence based approach to designing initiatives like the Great Ydeas grants, and their commitment to monitoring and reporting on project outcomes, as this helps us advocate nationally and internationally for effective interventions and programs that foster positive change.

How does your grant link to Soroptomist International ACT & Monaro’s priorities or focus areas?

As a volunteer organisation it is essential that we use our club’s skills, experience and effort to maximum effect. Soroptimist International, through advocacy in UN forums, works to demand that women support and have a voice in the implementation of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), especially the goal of  achieving gender equality across the globe by 2030 (SDG 5).  At a local level, we hope that the Great Ydeas grants create a ripple effect through the community, empowering more women and girls by providing role models for success.

Soroptomist International ACT & Monaro has a great history of supporting local communities – why is this important to you?

Members of Soroptimist International clubs are business or professional women. In our club, the expertise of our members spans the domains of health, law, education, and community service provision.  We want to give back to our community and to give other women the guidance, friendship and opportunities we have had.

What sorts of projects would you most like to see funded through the Soroptomist International ACT & Monaro Great Ydeas Diversity and Inclusion Grant?

Soroptimist International ACT & Monaro is particularly interested in projects that aim to remove barriers experienced by Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander or LBGTQI people in our community when working towards their goals through innovation, entrepreneurship and leadership.

Applications for the 2017 Great Ydeas Small Grants, including the Soroptomist International ACT & Monaro Great Ydeas Diversity and Inclusion Grant, close Thursday 30 March. Visit our website to apply.

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