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7 August 2015

Zoya Patel

Zoya is the Senior Manager of Corporate Relations and Communication at YWCA Canberra.

Tuesday 4 August was an exciting day for YWCA Canberra, as we launched the latest in our suite of primary violence prevention resources, Relationship Things Online.

Relationship Things Online is an online respectful relationships resource for young people, that explores topics around respect, communication, gender equality, diversity, safe sex and consent. The resource uses interactive activities to get users thinking about their own values and identity, and how to engage in respectful relationships.

This new initiative builds on our existing primary prevention work, through our programs Respect, Communicate, Choose and Relationship Things.

We launched Relationship Things Online with a special panel event at Gungahlin Library. The panel featured Dr Michael Flood, a leading researcher in the field of primary violence prevention and Senior Lecturer in Sociology at the University of Wollongong; Jayson Perrin, Senior Youth Worker at Melba Copland High School; and Toni Hassan, journalist and communications professional. Facilitated by Frances Crimmins, Executive Director of YWCA Canberra, the panel explored what the current state of play is for sex education in Australia, and where the gaps are.

Some interesting discussion points were raised, specifically about the impact of a lack of comprehensive sex education on young people, and where young people might access information on sex outside of the education system.

Following the panel discussion, guests enjoyed a tour of the website, with some of the key activities pointed out. Over afternoon tea, educators and sector leaders discussed how to embed primary prevention initiatives in schools, noting its importance in ending violence against women in the long term.

It was exciting to see such robust discussion on this important issue, and we’re looking forward to seeing young people engage with Relationship Things Online over the coming months.

To visit the website and find out more, head to

We would like to acknowledge the support of the ACT Office for Women in the development of Relationship Things Online. A big thank you also to Goosebumps Creative Agency for their sponsorship of this project, and the amazing design and development work!

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