She Leads College Conference – 5 Quick Questions with Ciara Duggan

10 March 2017

The She Leads College Conference, taking place on Tuesday 21 March, is a one-day event for girls in years 11 and 12, equipping participants with the practical skills and knowledge they need to become confident leaders. This year, we have an amazing line-up of inspiring young women who will share their leadership journeys with participants. We’ll be featuring 5 quick questions with each speaker in the lead up to the Conference. Today, we chat to Ciara Duggan.

Describe yourself in 30 words or less.

I have spent 10 years in the community sector, I am very passionate about education options for young people and spend my spare time being creative or chilling out with my puppy Rafferty.

What’s one thing about your life now that you never would have predicted when you were at school? 

I never thought that I would be able to break onto the property market independently and have my dream job at the same time.  Just goes to show that when you dedicate yourself to something you really want it can become a reality.

What is a book or film that has influenced your leadership journey? 

A League of Their Own – this movie shows great leadership and the importance of overcoming adversity.  I think as being a part of YWCA Canberra and campaigning for gender equality in workplaces this movie resonates well. I also love baseball!

Why are you excited to be part of the She Leads College Conference? 

I can’t wait to be a part of the She Leads College Conference to meet some inspirational young women, explore their ideas and use my role as the YWCA Canberra Senior Youth Engagement Officer to talk about my leadership journey, as well as learn from each one of them.

What piece of advice would you most like to give to young women just starting their leadership journeys?

Follow your passions and take every opportunity that comes.

Find out more about our exciting program and register to attend the She Leads College Conference here.

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