From members:

“I have been exposed to the work of the YWCA in a professional capacity through my previous roles working as a Senior Adviser for a number of Cabinet Ministers at the federal government level, including as Women’s Adviser to the Minister for Women. I have always been impressed by the YWCA’s commitment to empowering women and girls. I have also been personally concerned by some of the current public discourse in relation to feminism – both domestically and globally – and am keen to participate in an organisation making a positive contribution in this space.” – Katherine Post

“I have a keen interest in women’s issues, particularly gender politics and media representations. Your work and events seem so interesting so I wanted to be able to be part of this extremely important community.” – Ellen Gr

“The YWCA’s commitment to the support and development of young women. The opportunities that come with YWCA membership such as the She Leads Conference and the Board Traineeship program.” – Rebecca Cuzzillo

“I’ve been a member of YWCA Canberra for a number of years now – as an organisation it aligns with my values, I can support the great work that the Y does in our local community, and participate in events and training opportunities with other fabulous young women.” – Sarah Jewell


From our She Leads Diploma of Management students:

 “Guest speaker panels are fantastic, and I’ve learnt a lot from hearing others’ real life experiences.
“It’s well organised, has great guest speakers, and the content of the units adds real value… I feel I’m growing through self awareness, and understanding the importance of reflection.” – Rebecca Pinney

“ I have a greater sense of confidence in my ability as a leader. I have gained the skills so far to reflect on my own work and ability to gain followers in my work place.
“She Leads has a wide range of women from many different sectors who all share knowledge and give each other support, with respect for all individuals and their knowledge.
“I feel the reflection on myself has contributed to my leadership journey.” – Rebecca Burgess

“I was able to look inside and find my strengths. I have found that I have a lot of strengths and She Leads has confirmed this.
“I have recognised that I have leadership qualities that are valued by my organisation. What She Leads has taught me is that I need to communicate this in my project plans in order to gain promotions into higher leadership roles.” – Farnaz

“I have been able to apply for jobs I would never have thought of applying for. I have become more clear on my professional direction and made positive changes. Without this course, I would still be stuck in my professional development. This has answered so many questions for me. I have been the happiest I have ever been in my profession/leadership direction and choices.
“The program is user-friendly and supportive – I am a very, very busy mother and full-time worker and found this course fitted my life perfectly in terms of hours and support to do it.
“I believe in my leadership – actually believe in it now!” – Sheila Ligo


From clients of our Children’s Services:

“I just wanted to quickly take the time to express how amazing the carers are at St Benedict Primary.
“My son starts kindergarten this year, and was enrolled in the holiday program from the 14th Jan up until school starts in Feb. He then commences before and after school care from Wed to Fridays.
“From the moment we stepped foot in the hall, the carers were amazingly polite, always smiling, chirpy and bouncy, ready to take on a group of screaming kids.
“I went to pick Michael up one afternoon, and one of the carers asked Michael if she can have a hug before he leaves. My son ran back to her and hugged her as though he has known her his whole life. For a 5.5 year old to act in such a way to someone he has only met recently, is testament to how comfortable not only are the kids around them, but they too around the children.
“My son even asked if he could ‘sleep over’ when I picked him up on Wednesday afternoon. (please let me know when this is possible, there are days id be happy to leave him in your hands over night! ) 
“Our kids have been in several different centres as they transitioned from toddlers to school age children, and not all carers are loving or tentative to kids needs. The staff from YWCA at St Benedict’s are an exception.
“Keep up the great work guys, it certainly is peace of mind for a parent such as myself to pick up my son knowing he is having an absolute blast.
“For my son to not want to come home at the end of the day, speaks for itself.

– Steve Rakic

“We would like to thank each and every person at YWCA for the service provided to Sai over the years with Margaret.
“We cannot tell you how much we have appreciated Margaret’s patience, understanding and genuine caring for Sai. In addition, the instructions that Sai received from Margaret better prepared him for Kindergarten and to get along well with the rest of the world. We feel Family Day Care is such a perfect balance of education, fun, and love! We don’t always take the time to thank you all for your hard work and the wonderful job you do with kids-so thank you for everything.
“Our family cannot begin to express our gratitude to Margaret for all the hard work, effort, love and dedication shown to Sai. This was our first experience with childcare and we could not have chosen a better place for Sai to grow, learn and develop his early learning and social skills. As we are foreigners, Margaret gave our family the confidence and trust we were looking for in a childcare. It is a very difficult decision to leave your children with people, whom you hardly know, but Margaret’s reassuring and understanding made the decision very easy. We thank one and all for all the support. It is truly appreciated.”

– Phani and Rajani Gollamudi

“My three children have all attended Campbell Cottage (Jack, Toby and Harry), with one currently attending (Harry) and a baby due in August which is also booked into the centre. We have had children in all three of the rooms (Babies, Toddlers and Pre-Schoolers).
“We put our names down on the waiting list for Campbell Cottage when I was six weeks pregnant with my first child and when Jack managed to obtain a place in the pre-schoolers room it was worth the wait. Toby and Harry started soon after as places became available.
“The centre has lovely facilities since being extensively renovated. The staff are very caring with the children and I have never been concerned about their safety or development. At the end of every day the staff members know who my children are, what they have been doing and any issues/challenges they have experienced during the day. The centre manager, Erin, has been in the position for approximately ten years and does a wonderful job of managing the centre, staff and children. She is very approachable, an excellent communicator and able to deal with difficult situations in a fair, reasonable yet firm manner. She has been recently promoted within the YWCA and the new manager, Claire, is demonstrating excellent management skills.
“I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Campbell Cottage as a centre that is run to a very high standard where the children enjoy going and the parents feel comfortable with entrusting their children to its care.”

– Jane Holzapfel