YWCA Canberra at a glance

As a feminist, secular, not-for-profit, organisation, YWCA Canberra has a rich history of supporting women and girls in our nation’s capital since 1929.

Today, we provide innovative and leading services to women and the broader Canberra community. We deliver 30 quality programs across 20 locations, in the areas of children’s services, community development, housing, youth services, women’s leadership, advocacy and training. Through our programs and services, we work with women, men, girls and boys, in the ACT and beyond.

YWCA Canberra is inclusive and strengthened by diversity. We are non-religious and encourage the participation of women of all cultures, beliefs and ages. We draw together members who are committed to recognising and celebrating the value of every human being.

Local, national, international

In Australia, you can find YWCAs in New South Wales, Queensland, Northern Territory, West Australia, South Australia, Victoria, and the Australian Capital Territory. Together, we deliver services to more than a quarter of a million women, men and children, through over 100 sites across rural, regional and metropolitan areas.
Internationally, the YWCA is one of the world’s largest women’s organisations with representation in 25 countries, and a global outreach of 25 million women and girls. As part of the international movement, YWCA Canberra seeks to play its part in working for a world where reconciliation, justice, peace, health, human dignity, freedom and care for the environment are promoted and sustained through women’s leadership.

What we believe

We believe that everyone has the right to contribute to, and share equally in, the benefits of the community’s social, cultural and economic development.

The values which guide and inspire us are:

  • Equity and fairness – equality of opportunity, rights and access to social, cultural and economic wellbeing.
  • Diversity – valuing diversity of people and communities and respecting differences in culture, race, religion, sexuality, abilities and lifestyles.
  • Self determination and empowerment – women have the information, skills and resources to participate in community life, exercise choice and control their lives.
  • Women’s leadership – especially the development of young women’s leadership as a means to creating a better world in which reconciliation, justice, peace, health, human dignity, freedom and care for the environment prevail.
  • Reconciliation with Indigenous Australians – acknowledging the ongoing custodianship by Indigenous people of land and culture, and working with Indigenous communities in partnership for the wellbeing of the whole community.
  • Stewardship – of the resources of the YWCA, our community, and our environment.

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