Case for quotas at She Leads Conference

16 May 2014

More than 170 aspiring and emerging women leaders joined together on Tuesday to hear from some of Australia’s most accomplished women.

Dr Anne Summers AO provided the keynote address, while other speakers and panelists included Carmel McGregor, Deputy Secretary of People Strategies and Policy at the Department of Defence and Helen Conway, the Director of the Workplace Gender Equality Agency.

In her ‘call to action’, Dr Summers encouraged women to stand together and support each other to change the status quo.

“It is ludicrous to argue that thirty years after women began graduating from Australian universities in equal or greater numbers than men, that there is not an equal distribution of talent and merit in this country.

“So why is this not reflected in the ranks of our leadership in politics? In business? In public administration?”

“As I have often argued, we need a strong independent and effective women’s lobby – why should it just be the miners, the farmers, the trades unions, etc which are able to have powerful lobbies in Canberra?  Women need this too.”

Dr Summers also laid down a strong argument for quotas of 40 per cent for women’s participation in leadership roles.

“We need to be quite clear about one thing: without enforceable numerical targets – what I would call ‘quotas’ – we are not going to see noticeable and permanent change.

“At present, as we have seen in politics, the appointment of women is a matter of whimsy. If the bloke in charge feels like doing it, he will. Or, in the current case, he didn’t.

“We have to move beyond whimsy to regulation. Just as we do with every other goal we are serious about attaining.”

The She Leads Conference brought together some of Australia’s most accomplished women leaders with women across the age spectrum and a range of industries, who are interested in either taking up leadership roles or taking their leadership roles further.

The She Leads Conference is part of a broader YWCA of Canberra initiative to create pathways for women into leadership, and includes a year-long Diploma of Management tailored specifically for women.

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Media release – Case for quotas at She Leads Conference

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