12 November 2014

YWCA Canberra has been cited among a prestigious list of organisations as an inaugural Employer of Choice for Gender Equality (EOCGE).

The new accolade, judged by The Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA), rewards organisations and businesses who demonstrate best practice in improving gender equality within the workplace.

WGEA Director Helen Conway said the citation substantially raised the expected level of performance, while being sensitive to commercial realities.

“Future job seekers, investors and procurement officers who are committed to working for, investing in and buying from organisations with best practice talent management strategies should refer to this list first.

“These are the best of the best,” Ms Conway said.

YWCA Canberra Executive Director Frances Crimmins said that promoting gender equality and diversity is embedded practice for the leading feminist organisation.

“We not only have policies and procedures that promote workplace equality and diversity, but we are fundamentally committed to supporting women’s leadership at a local, national and international level.

“Our vision is ‘Women achieving their potential’.

“Our strengths-based community programs support vulnerable women to develop their resilience and independence, while our Women’s Leadership Pathway provides professional development opportunities for women and girls from primary school age right through to established women leaders.”

The Women’s Leadership Pathway includes the Every Girl and YAspire programs for girls still in school, Women Out Front workshops, a Board Traineeship Program, the annual She Leads Conference and the nationally accredited She Leads Diploma of Management.

These programs are strengthened by a commitment to quotas. YWCA Canberra is governed by a board of directors, 30 per cent of whom must be women under the age of 30 at the time of their appointment.

“This ensures that we maintain a culture of diversity on our Board and foster an intergenerational dialogue, which guides the work we do,” Ms Crimmins said.

Reflecting the more rigorous requirements, only 76 organisations have been awarded the 2014 EOCGE citation, down from 125 recipients when its predecessor, the EOWA Employer of Choice for Women, was last awarded in 2012.

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Frances Crimmins is available for interview.

Media contact: Joanna Allebone 0450 962 842.


About YWCA Canberra: YWCA Canberra is a feminist, not-for-profit community organisation that has been providing community services and representing women’s issues in the Canberra community since its establishment in 1929. YWCA Canberra employs more than 350 staff across the ACT, and delivers 30 quality programs in children’s services, community development, housing, youth services, women’s leadership, advocacy, and training. Represented in 122 countries, the YWCA has a global reach of 25 million women and girls. As part of this international movement, YWCA Canberra works for a world where reconciliation, justice, peace, health, human dignity, freedom and care for the environment are promoted and sustained through women’s leadership. For more information visit: www.ywca-canberra.org.au

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