Meet our Board Directors: Janine Yokom

15 August 2017

At YWCA Canberra, we’re proud to have such a diverse range of intelligent and impressive women on our Board. Here, you can get to know each of them a little better, and learn about their experiences on the Board, the skills they have gained and the expertise they bring to the table. Today, meet Janine Yokom.

What attracted you to serve on the Board of YWCA Canberra? 

I wanted to be a voice for the women of Canberra, serving on the YWCA Canberra Board has been an invaluable experience. I have gained a greater understanding as to what the expectations are of not only our members but also the staff that work for this amazing organisation. YWCA Canberra has such a deep history in supporting women through various stages of their lives within the community.

As a director, how would you describe the Board’s contribution to the on-the-ground activities of The Y’s staff, members and community?

As Board Directors, we have a great responsibility to govern responsibility to have the favourable outcomes required by our staff and members. Our reputation across the community is vitally important in order to gain the funding needed for our on-the-ground activities.

When you’re not at Board meetings and reading through Board papers, what do you do professionally?

I’m a Senior Facilitator with Yellow Edge, I work in non for profit, government departments and corporate businesses areas facilitating leadership and management programs. I also provide executive coaching. My own business is Essential Elements Celebrancy, where I get to perform amazing ceremonies for the important moments in our lives.

How does your experience in training and business management support the Y’s work to have more women who are secure, independent and participating economically?

By teaching the skills required to overcome resilience, imposter syndrome, emotional intelligence and wellbeing, I have the opportunity to build confidence in these areas thus giving women better futures in leadership positions.

Aside from reading Board papers, what’s your relaxation activity of choice.

I love nothing better than going to the coast and being near the water. To me it’s very soothing and gives me an opportunity to reflect on what it is I want to achieve in this life time.

In your opinion, why is it important for young women to be represented on The Y’s board?

I feel that young women have a great opportunity to be the voice of their generation and can add insight and experience from what they are experiencing in their communities today.

American humorist, Milton Berle, said that ‘laughter is an instant vacation’. What always makes you laugh; and what would be your dream vacation?

I love comedy shows. They give me an opportunity to break away from the serious parts of my life and just laugh.

 YWCA Canberra’s Board Traineeship Program provides our members with the opportunity to actively participate on our Board, without the financial or legal responsibilities of being directors. Applications will open in September, and is an integral part of our commitment to building leadership pathways for young women, including female-identifying and non-binary people. Visit our website to find out more.

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