Meet the Candidate- Kacey Lam

10 September 2020

Kacey is a first-time candidate running for the Canberra Liberals in Ginninderra (Belconnen). Read our interview with Kacey and hear how she’s found the campaign so far.a portrait photo of Kacey Lam

What can you tell us about yourself and how you’ve found being on the hustings so far? 

My parents migrated from Hong Kong to Melbourne before I was born. I grew up living behind our family milk bar – small business is in my blood.

I moved to Canberra 14 years ago to go to the ANU, and I completed a degree majoring in Indigenous Studies and International Development.

I have embraced being part of our diverse Canberra community and have a background in community service, family business and public policy.

My experience as a candidate is broadly positive, and I am so grateful for the wonderful support from my networks and the community. I am humbled when people so openly sharing their experiences and concerns with me when I’m at the shops or speaking to them over the phone.

What motivated you to run as a candidate for the election? 

I have good fortune in having the capacity to volunteer with local organisations. I am involved with the Red Cross Emergency Services, Radio 1RPH as a volunteer reader and Canberra Lion Dance.

I have also had great opportunities in public policy – as a public servant and a senior adviser to a Cabinet Minister.

After 19 years of the same government in the ACT, the neglect across our community in basic infrastructure, urban services and maintenance is stark. I saw this and thought, ‘Belconnen can do better than this’.

So I put my hand up to run! I want to use my background and skills to help make Canberra a better place. My understanding of the needs of the local community, coupled with my background in public policy means that I can translate what needs to be done into action.

 What are you hearing from women in your electorate? 

Many have raised local issues with me such as the maintenance of their local green spaces; neglect of our urban infrastructure; issues around bus timetables; and dangerous hoon driving.

Cost of living in Canberra is an issue for many women and families, not to mention the complexities of the Coronavirus. Public service households are faring okay, but many have found themselves out of work and are doing their best to make ends meet.

Mental health is a major issue – especially during this challenging period.

Canberra women are in overdrive, innovating to make ends meet. For some, they were juggling children learning from home while doing their best to work from home or run their small business.

YWCA Canberra’s election platform prioritises three key policy themes; safe, secure and affordable housing, preventing violence against women and valuing early childhood education – how do you believe we can achieve these outcomes in the next Assembly? 

It is important to engage with your local MLAs and candidates to understand the value that they place on issues that are important to you. I appreciate the conversations I have with people when I’m standing at the shops or on the phone, as I can then be the strong voice that understands the broad issues important to people across the community.

As a homeowner, someone who has navigated the DVO system, and with aspirations to raise a family in Canberra, these issues are real to me.

The strength of our democracy means that we can then elect people who broadly represent the views of our community. When we have a diverse parliament, we can minimise unconscious bias in our lawmaking.

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